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How Do I Identify The Right Disability Support?

With the increasing awareness about disabilities, governments all around the world are coming up with support programs that can help people living with any significant or permanent impairment. These disability programs are designed to provide help and assistance to vulnerable people and enable them to live independent lives.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a disability support program started by the Australian government for the same reason. Over the years, this scheme has made life easier for many people. This program promises a wide variety of support to people with different physical and intellectual needs. You can choose to get support and request the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to allow those services if they’re deemed reasonable and necessary for your condition.

Personalised Support Services is working as an NDIS service provider in Dandenong. They are registered providers under NDIS who have been serving the participants for years and making their lives more enjoyable.

As a new participant, it can be daunting when there are different disability support programs and providers working to fulfil your needs. To ease your confusion, we have made this list of reasons why you should choose NDIS as your disability support.

  1. This program provides support for almost all types of disabilities. You can get the necessary support for any condition and won’t be neglected in any case.
  2. It is a program designed and operated by the government, which makes it more dependable.
  3. You can access a wide range of support services, including personal, financial, and community support.
  4. NDIS serves all its participants with equality.
  5. You can hire help to assist you in understanding your fund and services so you can make the most of this disability program.
  6. All Australian participants can benefit from this disability program regardless of any discrimination.

How To Find The Right Support Provider?

Once you get registered with NDIS, the next major step is to find the right support workers and service providers to assist you on your NDIS journey. Following are the steps you need to follow if you want to find the right support provider for your NDIS plan.


You need to do as much research about different service providers as you can. It is beneficial to be sure about the services they offer and their prices. You can only compare the service providers if you have enough information about all of them, so make sure that you do thorough research.


Today’s world relies a lot on word-of-mouth, and you need to know the experiences of previous clients to understand their quality of services better. Check the testimonials on their websites or ask people on social media if they have received their services. Their client feedback will help you make better decisions.

Experience And Qualifications

You need a service provider with a good amount of experience under their belt. You cannot expect exceptional services from inexperienced and underqualified service providers. Make sure you hire someone who has worked in the industry for a long time and has qualified and professional support workers in their organisation.


Service providers will have a bad reputation and must be avoided. There must be a reason why they are not appreciated and praised by their clients. If you are considering a service provider who has a bad reputation among their previous clients, drop them and look for someone who is praised.


You can only ensure that you get the best disability support after being sure about the aforementioned things. If you have any more questions about how NDIS is the best disability support program for you, you can contact Personalised Support Services. They are working as a registered NDIS service provider in Dandenong, and their team will help you get the answers to all your questions.

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