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How To Prepare to Bring Home A Newborn

There are loads of preparation that is needed for when a baby is to be brought home. If you live in a house that is quite spacious then you may be able to make your baby their own room which is great as it makes life easier.

However, either way there will be changes you need to do to your home and surroundings to make it more baby friendly. This also includes investing in new furniture that aid the process and help organize the many tasks that you are going to have to do. So, if you are overwhelmed with the many tasks here is a list to help you stay focused and a list on what you will need.


baby shower
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You might have started this process from the time you knew you’d be bringing home a baby. Then there are also the many baby shower gifts you will get that are bound to be baby clothes. However, you will also need to buy nappies. Blankets and pillow cover that are going to be crucial during the first few months as they are still not able to wear clothes.

Nappies and swaddles are ideal to keep newborn babies warm and comfortable. Since they will be outgrowing clothes there will be no need to buy too many outfits. However, keeping sufficient outfits will help during the time baby’s will be going through many changes per day.


Having a designated baby room helps keep things neat and tidy. Organizing the room will result in everything you need being in close proximity to each other. Cabinets and cupboards for nappies and changing items, toys and of course changing tables will all come in handy. Other items such as Charlie Crane rockers are cute custom furniture you can have as accessories in your baby room. They help make the room cosy and double up as a great way to keep your baby occupied while you are busy.

Sufficient carry bags and space

You may have seen parents lugging 3 bags with them wherever they go. Ranging from feeding bottles, clothes and nappies. This is why having the right luggage matters including portable strollers. These are all accessories that help transporting your baby from place to place easy. While some of them can be expensive they are much needed and long-lasting investments that can even be used by babies after yours.

Is your hospital bag ready

If you are someone who needs to plan and keep things ready so you do not miss any last-minute items then you are already half way there. Having a ready to go hospital bag is mandatory. In it should include clothes the mother can wear during and after childbirth, swaddles for the baby and lotion for the mother who may face dry or damaged skin. These tiny tips will help make the journey comfortable for her too. You will probably get a list of items from your doctor prior to being admitted.

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