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How To Plan An All-Inclusive Home Remodeling Project

Your home needs a timely up-gradation so that you can maintain its look and aesthetics. You can upgrade the look of your home on both small and big levels as per your requirements. If the décor of your home looks outdated, then you can make big changes to upgrade the look of your space. If you want to add freshness to your home then a small makeover will be good for you. The big makeover includes the entire up-gradation of the kitchen, master bathroom remodeling, or generating more space by removing a wall of your home. Small makeover can include adding accessories to your home like a piece of furniture or upgrading the cabinets or changing the hardware and fixtures, or upgrading the upholstery. Contact Walters Remodeling, if you are planning for an all-inclusive home remodeling project. Let us know how to plan an all-inclusive home remodeling project.

Build a functional kitchen

An ideal kitchen not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also has more functional storage space inside it. If your kitchen does not have adequate storage then you can add more storage cabinets in your kitchen. To enhance the look of the kitchen, you can think to upgrade the kitchen appliances if they have lost their beauty and functionality. Upgrading the backsplash will enhance the look of your kitchen. Moreover, you can replace the countertops to add a vibrant look to your kitchen. If you are a creative person and want to reflect the creative side of your personality then you can accessorize your kitchen with decorative lights, mirrors, and green plants so that it will look aesthetically pleasing.

Upgrade your bathroom

The bathroom is the second most used place in your home. Hence, you need to focus on this area more. You can change the bathroom items like the sink, the toilet, the bathtub, o the showerheads so that it looks aesthetically pleasing. You can upgrade the shower area by adding sheer plastic curtains. This will help separate the toilet area from the shower area and make the place look fresh and clean. Moreover, you can maximize the storage by adding cabinets in your bathroom. Adding accessories like decorative lights, mirrors, and green plants would be a great idea that you can incorporate into your house.

Remodel your living space

Living space is the place that reflects the creative side of your personality. This is the place where your guests and friends stay most of the time. Hence, you need to upgrade the look of your home so that it reflects your efficiency as a homemaker. You can add an accent wall in your living area using wall laminates or textured paints. Lights and mirrors can be a great idea that you can incorporate into your living space. You can go with ceiling-mounted lights, hanging lights, or pendant lights that will enhance the look of your living space by multiple times. Moreover, you can add plants or artificial flowers to optimize the look of your home. Do not forget to add abstract paintings or vintage paintings to the wall of your living area.

Upgrade the old paint

Paints tend to give a faded appearance as they lose their aesthetics and freshness over time. Hence, you need to think about repainting the house before you move into a new home. You can choose light shade paint for the walls that will help keep the home decor subtle and minimalistic. However, you can add vibrant colors to the accent walls so that they will stand out and speak volumes of your creativity. New paint will freshen up your mood and leave a great impression on others by showcasing the artistic side of your personality.

Replace the worn out flooring:

You should upgrade the old flooring while moving into a new house. Install non-slippery flooring in your bathroom, which will ensure the safety of your family members. We recommend luxury vinyl plank/tile, tile (ceramic and porcelain), hardwood, natural stone tile, waterproof laminate flooring, stained concrete, and engineered bamboo flooring for your home. However, we give priority to our customer’s needs and install flooring as per their requirements.

Replace the home insulation:

While moving into a new house, you have to upgrade the old insulation to create a cozy atmosphere in your home by maintaining the ideal indoor temperature. So, check if there is any damage to your insulation and upgrade it before the cold days start. Check if there are any damage or rodent activities in your attics so that you can address this issue by repairing the attic insulation. This will make your home energy-efficient and the indoor atmosphere comfortable.


Besides these, you need to maintain the hygiene of your home by upgrading a few things regularly. You can focus on the water fixtures of your kitchen and bathroom so that you do not notice any water leakage. You can add humidifiers and heating and cooling devices to maintain the right temperature in your home. Install solar panels to meet the energy need of your home and make your home energy-efficient. This will help you save a lot of money that you might have spent on your electricity bills.

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