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How To Make Coffee

A good cup of coffee is often what stands between you and a good day. However, having the warm cuppa of coffee can not always come from the best coffee near me, the best coffee nearby may often be closed. What do you do then? In this case, not having a cup of coffee is not acceptable because you need the fix everyday.

Keeping that in mind means that you learn to make the best coffee at home. This guide will teach you how to make the best coffee and what rules are important to adhere to when it comes to that cup of caffeine.

How To Make That Cup

There are many methods to brew a good cup of coffee. The most popular one is through the classic drip coffee machine but the other brewing method that is gaining popularity is pour-over coffee which is what you see all over your instagram feeds. The french is the third method and in this piece we will be sharing how to perfect all the three brewing types. Knowing each and perfecting each is important so you can know which one works best for you.

What To Ensure Before

It’s important to know that weighing your ground coffee is better than using measuring cups or spoons or the worse one, eyeballing it, because this will not give you a consistent taste each time around. In this case, having a digital kitchen scale is important for you to have so you can ensure the taste is the same each time around. 

Perfect The Pour-Over Coffee

Bring the cold water to a boil in the saucepan of your choice. Then follow the steps:

  1. You need to grind the beans to a consistent form and they should resemble grains of salt. Larger grains than that will not give you a good and strong taste.
  2. Use this time to put a filter in your brewer which you should first rinse with water. This step is very important because it removes the residue from the paper and warms up the brewer. You get the coffee warmer and you can keep the rinsed water for your coffee.
  3. Add the grounds to the filter but ensure that the level is maintained. After this, you need to ensure the water temperature should be between 195°F and 205°F when you remove it from the heat. Then very slowly pour water over the grounded coffee enough to submerge it completely and make your way outwards. You should stop pouring the coffee before it begins to drip, this is called the bloom method of pouring which is useful for degassing the coffee.
  4. After this, you want to pour in the water that is left and keep the water in the dripper between half and three-quarters full. The whole process will be 3-4 minutes long and after this you can enjoy your coffee warm and full of the kick!

Be a European

The pour-over coffee style may not just be for everyone. If you have recently been to Europe and want to make coffee just like how you found it there then you need to try the french press method.

  1. In this style, you can even use a kettle. Bring the water to a boil in the kettle.
  2. Again begin by grounding the coffee but here they must look like breadcrumbs because you need larger crumbs. In this one too you need the grounded coffee to be uniform in size which you then add to the french press.
  3. Have your water temperature and check that when the temp is between 195°F and 205°F, soon after the removal, put it in the french press and stir it quickly into the grounds. You need to do this for about 4 minutes and then plunge the press which would separate the ground from the coffee.
  4. Time to enjoy European coffee. If you don’t want to drink the coffee immediately, take it out of the press still otherwise it will become bitter. Pout it into a cup and have it later too!

However, on the chaotic and frazzled morning nothing can compare to the drip coffee. Get the drip coffee perfected and depending on your machine’s ability, this can make around 12 or more cups in one time.

  1. Grind your beans, you know this by now. The size here should also resemble that of salt. Then transfer the grounded beans into a filter-lined filter basket which you place in the drip machine. After this, you can center the water spout over the middle of the grounds.
  2. Once that is done, you need to put clean water into the back of the machine (not over the grounds because you just did that) and then you press the on button. 
  3. When the coffee stops brewing, it will stop bubbling. At this time, you want to ensure that you turn the machine off otherwise the burnt taste will come in. Clean your machine monthly to ensure the fresh taste of the drip coffee. This can be done by filtering a mixture of water and vinegar through your machine to clean it thoroughly.

The Rules To Adhere To

There are some rules you should adhere to when you are trying to learn how to make coffee and when you want to perfect your coffee. For instance, it is important for you to know that coffee tastes the best just a few days after being roasted. Hence, you should either buy from a local roaster or roast it yourself. This is how you get the freshest beans. 

You should avoid buying coffee in bulk from supermarkets. Be wary and careful of storing opened coffee beans only in an airtight box. You should know to never keep the roasted beans because they are porous and can take up moisture or food odors. This is also a tip that’ll help you the most: go for unknown brands. Many of us stick to brands that are huge and have made a reputation for themselves when local and new brands have far better stuff. 

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Uneeb Khan
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