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Technologies That Drive Your Most-Liked Posts on Instagram

Do you ever wonder how your Instagram pictures, videos, and reels get so many views and likes?

When you post on Instagram, be it a video or a photo, Instagram automatically collects it and crawls its contents. Then, it uses its algorithm to ensure that the post gets a certain reach, depending on various factors.

Therefore, you can say that there are various factors at play here. However, Instagram employs many back-end technologies in place to collect data and give posts likes and reach accordingly.

If you want to know more about such technologies used by Instagram, then keep on reading this post.

Technologies That Help Instagram

Instagram uses a plethora of technologies and software to make its algorithm work. The various technologies used by Instagram to give posts the push and pull they need are:


Based on the Python coding language, Django is one of the most important coded frameworks created and used by Instagram. This is the core coding structure of Instagram that makes other functions work – like its brain or central nervous system. 

One of the primary functions of Django is to report errors back to the administrators. It also helps the Instagram application startup quickly. 


When it comes to managing all the functions and operations of the Instagram application, Celery gets used. This code is responsible for managing various asynchronous functions of Instagram.

The primary function of Celery is to create and manage a task queue system that controls the notification systems of Instagram. All the functions of Celery are conducted in real-time. This also includes scheduling posts and notifications.


Brokering messages between the users of Instagram is one of the most important factors the app needs to maintain. For this purpose, the RabbitMQ code is created based on a technology called AMQP (Advanced Messaging Queuing Protocol). Many igmods make use of this technology.


When you use the Instagram application, it runs many tasks in the background. All these tasks are managed and interconnected using various functional nodes. Therefore, Gearman helps in distributing all the tasks and functions of Instagram in real-time so that the application does not face any slowdowns or lags.

This technology is mostly used in running various tasks like uploading images and videos. It helps in applying various filters to the images. Even more creative tasks like editing reels and stories are also managed by Gearman.

Therefore, one can say that it is the framework responsible for the distribution and sharing of data that you input in the app between all its functions and systems. It also integrates itself with the websites you put links to in your profile and stories. This also includes integration with WhatsApp and Facebook, two other Meta applications.

Pre-Processing Nodes

While Gearman conducts and manages lots of tasks On Instagram, they are all interconnected and individually managed using several nodes.

Here, the pre-processing node is used for the attachment of data to various user functions on Instagram. Mostly, it gets used while we post pictures on this social media platform. For example, whenever we apply filters to images, the data related to the filters are applied over the data of the images using this node.

Parser Nodes

When it comes to gaining more reach on Instagram, they use several nodes to understand the quality of all the posts. To boost a post to make it rank higher on Instagram search results, people use hashtags and written descriptions.

In order to analyze the written contents and hashtags of all the Instagram posts, the parser nodes are used. They analyze the most trending hashtags and match them with posts with the same hashtags to make them rank higher.

Scorer Nodes

Hashtags become trending on social media when used a lot through Meta-based platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, the technology of scorer nodes is used to keep track of the number of times a hashtag gets used.

This scorer node is present on both Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, if you have accounts on both platforms, then the scorer nodes will integrate themselves with both to keep a real-time count of the hashtags used.

Ranker Nodes

As the name might suggest, ranker nodes integrate themselves with scorer nodes and parser nodes. Through this integration, it determines the ranking of all their hashtags. Therefore, the ranking of hashtags on Instagram that you want to use in your posts is all managed and ranked accordingly by ranker nodes.

Whenever you search for the most used hashtags on Instagram, the ranker node takes into account the metrics that it collects from the scorer and parser nodes. Based on these metrics, the ranker nodes rank the hashtags and push the reach of posts using the trendiest hashtags. 


PostgreSQL is responsible for saving and storing all your account data in the Instagram database. It is important to do so because the platform needs to store your data so that other users can find your profile. In addition, it also allows you to open your profile.

PostgreSQL manages many functions, like storing all your archived posts. This also includes saving incomplete reels as drafts and even other user data like you being tagged in the posts of others. 


When it comes to managing the database of Instagram, Hive is the technology that gets used. Hive is the database where all the data regarding every function and query within Instagram gets stored. 


Redis is responsible for the achievement of data regarding user sessions. Data related to how long you use the app and when you use this app are all stored and analyzed using Redis. 


As you can see, there are many technologies in the form of codes and software that run in the background when you use the Instagram application. These generally have functions like storing user data, conducting the core functions of Instagram, and lots more. Even the ranking of hashtags and your posts all over the meta platform are done using various interconnected technologies.

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