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How to Maintain/Build a Safe and Secure Home Architectural Design?

Home security is an integral factor for occupants to reside safely.  A safe house will eliminate the risk of undesirable robberies, trespassing, physical harm, etc. Hence, they look for the most secure and protected house, be it in rural or urban areas.

This is the reason why architects nowadays emphasise the security factor more than before. They mould their design layout and plan to fulfil the protection needs of the occupants.

“Prevention is better than cure” this phrase fits perfectly into this notion. If you are also considering building a new home, you must take into account the safety perspective. This will prevent you from unwanted consequences and provide mental peace.

Through this blog, we aim to spread awareness about how house architects in India maintain a safe and secure architectural design.

Securing all entry points to the space

The first and foremost thing to consider is securing all entry points. The front door, back door and windows of every floor and room must be designed properly. But, pay extra attention to the ground floor of the building as it is easily accessible by outsiders. Make sure there is absolutely no chance of ingress there at all. On the first floor, it is advisable to avoid having any large windows. In case they are, they should be heavily barred and secured against potential entry points. Additionally, while integrating glass doors into the plan, ensure to go for good quality doors with modern and effective locking systems.

Creating a fire escape plan

The second point to look at in the architectural plan of your dream home is the fire escape route. According to the best housing architects in Bangalore, building a home with a fire escape plan is essential. They say that we must be prepared for the inevitable and prevent injuries and thefts.

One of the best ways to protect your family and yourself from fire is to create a fire escape plan. Sit with the architects and get the detailed layout of the house to look for the potential route to safely come outside of the house in the event of a fire.

Installing outdoor lighting solutions

It is critical to carefully plan the installation of outdoor lighting so that all of the home’s dark corners are clearly visible. Ensure that the locations where the cameras are positioned are well-lit as well.  However, check that the luminaires you choose are glare-free to avoid image distortion on the camera.

Today, smart LED lighting is popular for improving security, efficiency and brightness of the space. You can also place them outdoors to allow you to control lighting through the gadgets. Furthermore, they are equipped with motion sensors.  This makes the lighting cost-effective at the same time it acts as a threat to burglars.

To Sum up…

When safety in your house is a key concern, keep the above mentioned suggestions in mind.

Besides, if you have already begun the building phase of your residential place, no worries. You can still secure it by trying some handy techniques. As per the top Indian architects, you can install deadbolt locks, eliminate clutter and make way for re-designing the plan to integrate the above-covered points.

Moreover, housing architects are equipped with the best knowledge and experience to build, revamp, and or tweak any home structure and design successfully. Therefore,  you can rely on them and present your concerns, they will surely come up with the best possible way to fulfil your needs for house protection. Hope this article helps you get better insights on the ways to build a home architecture as safe as possible.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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