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How to Lift Your Mood during a Bad Mental Health Day  

Humans are complex beings made of various emotions. There are days when one has to deal with foul emotions that could leave one feeling blue and helpless. This might be traced to certain circumstances which leave a dent in the mood.  

Whatever the case might be, mental health days are real, and one needs to have healthy ways to adjust the mood on such days. You can do simple things that will help you get through the day. 

This article will explore healthy and actionable tips that can get you through a bad mental health day when you have lost motivation. Here are six such helpful tips: 

Consider Delta 8 

One can resort to some natural substance for help when feeling blue. As a result, delta 8, a byproduct of the Cannabis sativa plant, might also have an incredible effect on mood.  

Delta 8 is one of the many cannabinoids present in the Cannabis plant. It has incredible therapeutic potential, which makes it helpful in improving mental health. Based on some reports, delta 8 THC might help manage some symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Ensure you buy the best cbd gummies for pain for an improved mood. Also, it can lift your spirit, boost your appetite and help improve sleep patterns. You can also consider using delta 8 gummies, delta 8 vapes, tinctures, or other forms of delta 8 products. 

Adopt Simple Self Care 

When you feel blue, you might lack the motivation to give yourself a bubble bath or face mask, which requires some energy level. Such may not be realistic as one might not get the zeal.  

Taking care of yourself on a bad day should be simple and not require much time. So if making your hair, using makeup, or going to the movies seems too much, that is fine.  

However, consider simple things like taking a bath or soaking yourself in the bathtub, changing your bed sheet, ordering your favorite meal, watching your favorite comedy, etc. Such actions should be considered a success on a bad day, which will go a long way to get you through.  

Get Into Nature 

There is no doubt about the healing power of nature, even though many people hardly take advantage of it. Japanese culture understood this and coined shinrin-yoku to mean forest bathing.  

The process encourages people to spend time in nature or the forest and absorb the forest atmosphere, not bathing. Indeed, spending time in nature has been proven to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety in people, according to research.  

Nature’s healing power can go a long way in revitalizing one’s mental health. You don’t have to go to the forest if you don’t have the time. Spending time in an area with a vast expanse of green grass can help. Better still, you can walk in the park and adorn the animals and birds in their majesty.  

Having and nurturing indoor plants might help as well. 

Person Climbing on Mountain

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Connect With people 

On days when you are feeling down, the support you will get from other people can go a long way to lift your spirit on a bad mental health day. Many people, however, might find it challenging to tap into this as mental health days could make them feel like taking cover.  

However, reaching out and enjoying the presence of others can have a positive effect on the mood. Calling a friend or spending quality time with your partner can help lift the spirit. For people who have no one to reach out to (even though that is highly unlikely), going to the coffee shop or shopping mall and being among people can help.  

Besides, an opportunity to volunteer and do something nice for others might also be a terrific idea.  

Take a Break from Your Phone 

On a bad mental health day, staying away from your mobile device is good. If that seems impossible, avoid social media at least. Social media presents a false world that presents others as doing well. This leaves people with a competitive spirit, which will leave you feeling down if you think you are not meeting up. 

It will contribute to stress, depression, and anxiety which will not help your situation. So for those days you are feeling down, stay away from social media. The last thing you need is information on the bad economy or pictures of your friend having a vacation in Dubai while you are having a mental breakdown.  

Such a break from your device will give you the time to heal without compounding more negative feelings.  


Exercise works wonders for mental and physical health. Even though people automatically link exercise with weight loss and reduced fats, there is more. Every part of man benefits from training – the physical, mental and emotional health.  

Understandably, you might not have the physical strength to have any meaningful exercise. However, something as simple as taking a walk, dancing, or even brisk walking can help. As a result, your mental health will significantly upgrade by exercising.  

When you exercise, your mood automatically boosts because of the release of serotonin that accompanies it. As a result, it can help lift your spirit.  

Photo by Cleyder Duque from Pexels 


No one can escape a bad mental health day once in a while. However, having the essential tips to help you navigate such days.  

This article has explored various ways to lift your mood and spirit during a bad mental health day.  

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