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How To Keep Thieves Out Of Your Garage?

Thieves choose the front door as their point of entrance 34% of the time on average. But what if the entrance is difficult to reach? For thieves, it makes no difference; they will still find a way in. This other route is via your garage door 90% of the time.

Maybe they want to break into your main living area through the garage, or maybe they want to steal your pricey woodworking equipment or that upscale new mountain bike they noticed in your driveway last week. In any case, giving your garage door security top consideration will significantly increase the security of your whole house. Therefore, it is important to look at the condition of your garage door and get 24-7 Garage Door Repair if you need it. Keeping your garage door in good condition and increasing security will keep thieves away. 

24-7 Garage Door Repair for Increase Security of Garage Door

Keeping the garage door in perfect condition is the first step towards increasing the security of your garage door. In an emergency, look for 24-7 Garage Door Repair professionals who can always help you. Here are some security tips to keep thieves away from your home.

Security Tips to Keep the Thieve Away 

A burglar may enter your house and grab your belongings in only a few minutes. More than usual, you should reexamine how safe your connected garage is. You can prevent break-ins in your garage and the rest of your house with a little common sense, alertness, and proactive security measures. Use these garage security suggestions to help make your house safer and a less appealing target for burglars.

Think Like a Thieve

The first of our security advice for garages can seem strange, but give it a go. Ask yourself, “How would a thief get into my house?” while you take a few minutes to stroll outside your garage and other parts of your property. What regions seem to be most vulnerable? What is your garage security level? Consider your home from the viewpoint of a burglar; it could be instructive and useful. Perform this activity at night to assess how well your home’s external lighting works. Also, getting answers to such questions will help you identify where you need to increase security.

Secure the Garage Door

Professionals with 24-7 Garage Door Repair services can help you if you are facing problems with your garage door. You should always keep your garage doors secured if you have to open and shut them physically. The majority of homes now have automated garage door openers, which make it harder for thieves to get through garage doors.

Use a padlock placed on one of the door tracks if you’re leaving on vacation to ensure the doors remain closed. Another solution is to disconnect the automatic opener when you’re going to be gone for a while if your door opener is a bit older and doesn’t have sophisticated technology to detect whether your garage doors are open or closed.

Don’t Unnecessarily Leave the Garage Door Open

How often, while spending a few hours in your yard, have you seen a neighbor’s garage doors wide open and their absence for extended periods? Unnecessarily leaving your garage doors open gives anybody a free pass to access your house. And at the absolute least, you’re making it simple for everyone driving by to see what’s in your garage. Keeping the garage doors closed even while working in your yard is simple. Take nothing for granted, especially if you live in a safe community.

Some recent garage door opener models are equipped with smart technology that enables you to use a smartphone app to verify whether your doors are open or closed. You might also get a separate garage door monitor to keep a close eye on your doors.

Upgrade Outdated Garage Door Opener

You can get 24-7 Garage Door Repair services to update the outdated garage door opener. Your garage is more susceptible to a break-in if you have an old garage door opener than a more recent automated door opener type. Also, you’ve surely heard tales of robbers breaking into garages using scanners that might quickly figure out the entry code for an older opener.

Even a neighbor who shared your access code may unintentionally open your garage doors by pressing the button on their opener remote. The “rolling code” system used by more recent garage door openers is significantly safer and creates a new code each time the remote button is touched.

Additionally, modern garage door openers are much quieter and more energy-efficient compared to older versions.

Cover Garage Windows

These garage security suggestions are all about taking preventative steps to make it as difficult for thieves to get in. The external garage service door window, side windows, and garage door windows all provide criminals with several opportunities to obtain a good look into your garage.

Additionally, they’ll be searching for cars to check if anybody is home and hunting for tools and other things to steal. Keep that in mind when selecting new windows for any of these garage components. The windows might be covered, or you could add window coverings made expressly for the garage, like blinds or drapes.

You might cover the garage windows with the transparent film if you like having some sunshine in there. Additionally, windows with frosted glass patterns let the sunshine in a while, hiding the garage’s contents.

Zip Tie Emergency Door Release

There is an emergency release lever on every automatic door opener, and it normally has a red cable connected to it. Your ability to open and shut your garage doors during a power outage is its primary function.

However, a cunning thief may make use of such characteristics. They could get to the rope or lever by pressing in on the top of the garage door and making just enough space, then fishing for them with a wire hook and tugging, which would open the door.

To prevent tampering, zip-tie the release wire or lever in place. Cut the zip tie when you need to use the emergency lever during a power loss and reattach it after it is restored.

If you are looking for professionals to increase your garage door security, you can contact Speedy Garage Services. The experts will help you and guide you in the best way possible. 

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