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How To Keep A Futon Mattress From Sliding Off The Futon Frame?

Futon mattresses have been a lifesaver for people living in small apartments. No matter what people say, futon owners love their mattresses. It’s comfortable and cozy and adds to the convenience of sleeping anywhere in your abode. 

Besides, there are a lot of other convenience factors that make the futon mattress a great furniture alternative for many homes. However, if there’s one factor that stops many from keeping these excellent bedding alternatives, it’s the sliding issue. Futon mattresses have been infamous for slipping off the frame. 

But should that stop you from opting for the ultimate comfort? No! 

Continue reading as we uncover some simple remedies to the sliding issues faced by homeowners using these mattresses. Let’s get started. 

Tips To Keep Your Futon Mattress From Sliding 

#1 Use Rubber Paddings

Did you know that adding rubber to your mattress may resolve most sliding problems? A rubber padding can help you make the most of the natural friction, adding stability to your mattress.

It should be easy to find rubber-made objects around the house that might be used as the ideal cushioning material, such as:

  • Plastic mattress bag 
  • Original rubber encasement shipped along with the mattress.
  • Rubber flip flops 
  • Thin yoga mat 
  • Gripping Pads
  • Rubber shelf liners

However, if you can’t locate any of these things at home, a short trip to your neighborhood Walmart should give you plenty of possibilities. If your mattress is thin, ensure the cushioning or mat you choose is flat enough to prevent bumps.

Remember, the mattress must be taken off the box spring or metal bed frame, a padded surface placed, and then the mattress must be replaced.

#2 Opt For A Non-Slip Mattress Pad

As the name suggests, non-slip pads are explicitly designed to prevent futon mattresses from sliding. These pads are sold in supermarkets, physical mattress stores, and internet retailers as thin layers of foam or rubber.

You can opt for organic and eco-friendly options at affordable costs, that also double up as a grip pad for floor rugs. Made with a non-slip foam that is genuinely efficient, these pads give you a hassle-free experience without having to readjust your mattress all the time.

Besides, if you want to maximize sliding protection, we suggest you purchase non-slip mattress pads, depending on the mattress size. Or you could also purchase pads larger than your bed’s size. This way, even if you’re unsure of your mattress’s size, you can easily adjust it with scissors.

Our recommendation? Give the Futon Stop Slip from The Futon Shop a try. Super-convenient to use, they’re handmade from 100% organic and natural fibers, and locally sourced recycled material that don’t just make them eco-friendly, but also affordable with uncompromising quality. The Futon Stop Slips justifiably promise no more slipping and sliding!

#3 Try A Velcro

An excellent approach to keep shifting mattresses stable and fastened is maybe using Velcro. Velcro, often called loop and hook material, may be strategically placed around the mattress’s four corners and in the middle to prevent it from sliding.

For stability on the metal bed or box spring frame, you often need more Velcro, depending on the mattress size. The good news is that you can get these items from any store or online merchant.

Once the velcro is delivered, elevate the mattress and fasten one side to the surface of the mattress itself and the other to the surface of the box spring or bed slats. When attaching the velcro, ensure the hook and loop sides always line up for the greatest results.

#4 Vacuum The Undersides Of Your Mattress & Place Cotton Sheets On

Accumulated food crumbs, dead skin cells, pet dander, dirt, and other types of material might occasionally be the only item causing slippage in your futon mattress. So if that’s the case, the dirt and debris should be easily removed by vacuuming the mattress’ undersides.

Following this is a trick you presumably already know. However, it doesn’t hurt to reiterate how crucial it is to utilize cotton bedding on your mattress.

In addition to shielding yourself from allergies and irritants by preventing bacteria and germs from bothering you while you sleep, you are also creating a cooler, softer, and more comfortable resting environment.

Fitted sheets or standard sheet coverings are both options. However, if you don’t want the sheets to come off the mattress as well, the latter is likely the preferable choice.

#5 Buy A Rubber Mat?

Investing in a rubber mat will allow you to set your mattress in place without worrying about the effects. A DIY rubber mat, like a yoga or beach mat, is available, or you may purchase one from Amazon.

However, remember that these rubber mats accumulate a lot of dust, so you’ll need to remove them and clean your bed frame regularly and even less frequently if you have a dust allergy.

While these were some possible solutions to the futon mattress, here’s one that might make sense for a few buyers. 

Order A New Mattress

A pricey purchase like a new mattress may need months of planning and saving. But occasionally, no matter what you do, your old mattress won’t stop sliding, and you’ll have to take the risk and get a new one. 

As was previously mentioned, some mattresses shrink with time, while others have manufacturing flaws when they are shipped and may cause slippage despite your best efforts.

Pro Tip: Keep scrolling the internet; you might have a chance at getting the best futon mattresses for sale. 

Now You Know!

This brings us to the end of our blog on possible solutions to the futon mattress sliding off the metal frame. Remember, while it’s a common problem for these mattresses to slip, you can always use some DIY hacks for reliable results. All the best! 

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