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How to Install Siding on a House | GMJ Construction

For homeowners seeking to raise the value of their homes, siding is a popular option. By choosing a siding made from wood, vinyl, or aluminum, you can ensure your house will be protected from the elements. While some types of siding are more durable than others, they all require proper installation. If you need help to install siding on a house or prefer an experienced professional to handle it, read this article for helpful tips and ideas!

Materials needed to install siding

The materials needed for siding installation include:

  • Siding materials, such as wood or vinyl, If you’re going with wood, you must choose between cedar and pine. Pine is less expensive but will warp more easily than cedar; that said, it’s still a good choice if you’re on a budget and want something that looks like real wood without spending too much money. Vinyl is also an option if you want something that won’t rot over time or need painting every few years (you’ll have to clean it occasionally).
  • Nails and screws for attaching the siding panels; these should be long enough to go through both layers of paneling without sticking out at either end of the board when fastened together properly with glue or staples (depending on which type of paneling you’ve chosen). You may also need screws specifically designed for use with your chosen type of paneling material; this information should be included in its packaging contents list!
  • Tools used during installation include hammers and mallets; saws (to cut pieces down into smaller sizes); drills and screwdrivers for drilling holes through boards before nailing them into place; tape measures so everything lines up right where it needs to go; and safety equipment like goggles, so no one gets hurt while working outside!

House Siding Repair Services in Your Area

GMJ Construction Inc. is a professional contractor for siding repair in your area. If you are looking for house siding repair services, we are the best choice for your needs. We install siding on a house, repair stucco, and much more!

How to Repair Stucco

Stucco is a type of plaster used on the exterior of homes and other buildings. Sand, lime, water, and Portland cement are the main ingredients. Stucco is applied to the outside of a building and then painted. If you have stucco on your home or business and want to repair it yourself, here are some tips:

  • Repairing small cracks can be done in just one day’s work!
  • You will need to purchase some tools before starting this project, including a trowel blade scraper (to remove loose material), a wire brush (to smooth out rough areas), a putty knife or trowel blade (for applying fresh compound), and a wet sponge (for removing excess compound).

Install all kinds of siding.

Building exterior walls are covered with a material called siding. Siding can be made of wood, plastic, vinyl, metal, or stone. Its purpose is to protect the structure of a building from wind and rain damage while adding beauty to your home. The type of siding you choose will depend on how long you want it to last and how much maintenance it requires.

Suppose you’re looking for an economical option with minimal upkeep requirements. In that case, we recommend installing cedar lap siding on your home’s exterior walls because cedar looks good after years of outdoor exposure without much care!

Siding (all types) repair

Siding is a material that covers the exterior walls of a building. It comes in many forms, including wood, metal, vinyl, and fiber cement. Siding can be installed on brick or concrete block foundations without additional structural support.

Choose a material that suits both your budget and taste. Vinyl siding has become very popular because it’s easy to maintain while still looking good for years to come!

Best Siding Installation Service

GMJ Construction Inc. is the best contractor for siding repair in your area. GMJ Construction Inc. has been serving the community since 2010, providing customers with high-quality work, satisfaction, and great prices. The company’s experienced staff members are dedicated to providing top-notch service at affordable rates!


Siding is a great investment for your home. Today we discussed how to install siding on a house and how it can add value to your property and make it look more appealing. If you have any questions about how to install siding on house or repair services in your area, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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