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How To Experience Dubai’s Nightlife Like Never Before

The first thing that comes to your mind while thinking of the city of skyscrapers is its vibrant nightlife. The Arabs are not only rich in their culture, cuisine, and architecture, but they show great hospitality towards the tourists. So, don’t be hesitant in asking the locals for recommendations on things to do, places to visit, and where to buy goods, as the locals are extremely welcoming and are more than happy to answer your questions.

Since a large part of the city’s population includes people from India and its neighbouring countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh, it has a great collection of desi clubs. The Indian night clubs in Dubai form an exciting part of the city’s nightlife with their groovy Bollywood beats, vibrant atmosphere, and mouth-watering Indian cuisine. That said, the list below mentions the top four must-dos for your next Dubai trip.

Spend your night in fusion clubs

It would be a crime to miss out on the loud, rhythmic appeal of upbeat pop songs when you are out on the dance floor all decked up in your best clothes. If you consider yourself a party animal, the city’s center hosts a wide variety of clubs and bars for its visitors. Whether you’re on a vacation with your friends or are on a work trip with your colleagues, the nightclubs have something to offer to everyone.

You can experience a perfect blend of modern and traditional music, dance, and food in Dubai’s fusion clubs. As the name suggests, the place displays exceptional Arab architecture with modern colours, textures, and designs. Not only that, but fusion clubs in the city also offer a wide variety of dishes to choose from. You can dance the night away on the latest pop hits, all while enjoying authentic Indian cuisine cooked by world-class culinary experts. If you’re on a trip with your family, try getting tickets for the cultural nights in the clubs to listen to Indian classics on various instruments like tabla, sitar, etc.

Take part in the turtle rehabilitation program

The nightclubs, Burj Khalifa, local cuisine, Arabs embracing their traditional attire in the most elegant manner, and sports cars lined up in the street are why the city attracts a huge number of tourists every year. However, there’s more to the city’s beauty and charm than just hippy nightclubs, expensive accommodations, and extravagant lounges. The city also hosts a turtle rehabilitation program for tourists to experience and learn more about marine habitats.

The shell of the animal has been used to make ornaments and jewellery for eternity, but the exponential rise in the human population has led to the overconsumption and illegal harvesting of the reptile. Not to forget, the amount of plastic waste generated by fast food joints, especially straws, also has a drastic effect on the marine population. Since these straws are cylindrical in shape and have small diameters, they get stuck inside the nasal chambers of marine creatures and inhibit their breathing.

The nasal chamber of such marine creatures is one of the most important organs for locating food in water, and plastic wastes interrupt the daily activities of such creatures. The turtle rehabilitation center focuses on identifying injured turtles, providing the right treatment to the creatures, and sending them back into their natural habitat for their conservation. When you’re tired of exploring nightclubs and eating in fancy lounges, spend a day saving the turtles and other creatures in the city.

Experience a new take on yoga

When you’re done dancing the night away in the most extravagant nightclubs in the city, experience a new take on the age-old practice of yoga. The slow breathing techniques combined with regular muscular movements have been found effective in bringing peace to both mind and body.

It doesn’t work on the principle of modern exercising habits like calorie deficit, strength training, cardio, etc. According to the traditional spiritual gurus of India, yoga aligns your mind and body towards a single goal. The shape of the moon and the timing of the lunar eclipse is known to have a drastic impact on the human mind and body.

The city also runs multiple organizations and yoga centers that provide yoga sessions under the full moon. Although yoga doesn’t necessarily involve a lot of equipment, essentials like towels, yoga mats, nametags, etc, are all provided by the institution. Most of these moonlight yoga sessions are open for both men and women.

Play golf under the moonlight

While the sport appeals to a certain age group and is considered a boring, leisurely activity to be played in the afternoon, you will find multiple golf courses in the city that allow you to enjoy the sport at midnight. The crashing sound of the waves and the cool breeze hitting your face while you’re trying to hit the ball toward the hole has its own charm.

Since most places allowing golfing under the moonlight have in-built clubs and lounges to provide maximum entertainment to their guests, you won’t have to worry about finding a new place to enjoy the rest of your night, as you can explore clubs and eat delicious Arabic cuisine while enjoying your mini golf session under the moonlight. If you’re on a work trip with your colleagues, golfing under the moonlight sounds like a perfect getaway from professional settings.

This ends our guide on how to experience Dubai’s nightlife like never before. The city of skyscrapers has such an amazing collection of nightclubs and bars that it would be almost possible to point out the best night club in Dubai. You will find plenty of places offering free entry and drinks to women. So, if you’re planning to go on a girl’s trip to Dubai, don’t forget to check out special discounts and ladies’ nights in clubs to save a few bucks. The city also hosts a wide variety of cultural festivals and shows for tourists to learn more about Middle Eastern culture, cuisine, attire, music, dance, art forms, etc.

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