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How to easily unlock Valorant agents – in three simple steps

Characters (also known as agents) play an important role in the new popular shooter VALORANT. As in Overwatch, each agent you can unlock has its own skills, abilities, equipment and, of course, appearance. Choosing the right top real estate agents in dha lahore for the game and the turn is important.

Even the best Valiant players have to make the right choices. Of course, to make the right choice, you must first have a choice. This means that it is necessary to have access to a Valiant agent. In the latest update, version 1.02, you can choose from 14 agents to play with. However, after completing the tutorial, only the first two are available for free. When you complete the first contract, you get the first five ranks of the two agents chosen in the tutorial, but that’s it, so you have to unlock the remaining ranks in two ways.

Unlock the brave agents for free.

To unlock the agents for free, just play the game and collect XP. You can activate each agent’s contract on the collection screen and finally recruit it. Select the contract of the agent you want to unlock and you can start playing. Each agent has 10 levels, and if you upgrade it to level 5, you can unlock the character.

As stated in the Guide to Merciful top real estate agents in dha this process can take a long time, so it is best to focus on the characters you are really interested in. Otherwise you will waste your time on agents you do not like. To get a new character, you need to collect a total of 375,000 XP with the character you want to unlock. This takes a lot of work, and the fastest way to unlock agents in Valorant is to focus on daily challenges that earn at least 5k XP points per match. Combine daily challenges with regular challenges to earn as many points as possible.

You can speed up this process by following these three steps

1.Play normally and focus on completing the daily goals.

2.Deathmatch and Spike Rush can net more hourly XP than playing Normal/Ranked Games

3.Unlock all agents to Level 5 before going for the full 10 levels

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