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How to Choose the Best Basement Contractor

Looking for the best basement contractors for Basement Finishing in Ottawa? Here’s what you should know and what you should ask if you’re hiring a basement contractor.

You have decided to work on your basement. Now what? One of the first things you need to do is find a contractor. Finding a reputable and knowledgeable basement contractor, Basement Finishing in Ottawa, can help make your project run smoothly. There are many questions you need to ask and things you need to consider when deciding who to hire.

What Kind of Basement Work Are You Looking For?

Basements can go from simple to extravagant. When choosing a basement contractor, you need to ask yourself what kind of basement work you are looking for. Maybe you are not ready to completely renovate and finish your basement. If that is the case, it is still very important to waterproof the basement. A contractor can help you with this task. If you are looking for basement finishing drywall and framing in Ottawa, you will need to find a basement contractor that is familiar with the process; this is a much bigger job and requires extensive knowledge and skill.

What Are Your Biggest Concerns?

When starting a project, it is important to address any and all concerns you may have. All basements are different, and some may require more work than others. Is your basement already waterproof? Do you need to work on waterproofing? Are you keeping the layout, or do you want a complete redesign? You have to take into account your plans and whether you want to replace windows, add walls, or do anything else that may require extra work.

Budget may also be a big concern and should be addressed upfront. Your basement contractor should be aware of what your needs are and how much you are willing to spend. This will give them a clear idea of what can be accomplished.

Do your Research on the Basement Contracting Company

Different companies specialize in different areas. Once you have identified what work you want done, you must do your research and look for companies that perform those jobs. When researching different basement contracting companies, make sure to ask questions. This is a big project and, if done incorrectly, can be very costly. Reading reviews and comparing before and after pictures can be a huge help. Be sure to lay out all your concerns and get all your questions answered. Don’t know what you should be asking. 

They offer End to end services

Any basement conversion must be tanked to meet building regulations. You need to find a basement contractor that offers a comprehensive range of services from drywall to the finishing process. A good contractor will have a range of relationships within the industry to offer the highest quality of materials and finish and ensure that the process of conversion or construction is as seamless as possible.

They have the right insurance

Hiring a basement contractor without public liability insurance is a recipe for disaster. All professionals involved in the design and build process should carry professional indemnity insurance, while the contractor should be covered by contract works insurance to ensure that all works are properly completed before the end of the contract.

Gut instinct

Trusting your gut is hardly scientific, but your contractors will be in your home for a number of months while the work is carried out. You should expect them to be courteous and professional at all times and should feel completely comfortable with the idea of them working in your home. If you sense alarm bells ringing, look elsewhere.

Safe pair of hands

The longer your contractor has been in business, the safer you are likely to be in their hands. Companies that fail to offer quality work tend to fail quite quickly. A professional and experienced company will be happy to share with you all aspects of the build and will be responsive to your queries about workmen and work schedules.

A basement conversion or construction should not be undertaken lightly; however, finding the right contractor and what can be a stressful undertaking can be considerably less onerous. Look for a company that offers a full end-to-end service for the best results.

Get a Quote and Compare

Most basement contractors will provide a free, no-obligation quote. After doing your research, it is best to pick your top choices and get a quote. The quotes you receive should be similar. Be wary of estimates that are substantially lower than the others. This may be a red flag. Once you have met with several contractors and received quotes, you will feel more comfortable with making a decision.

Do Your Research and Trust Your Instincts

You have identified your finished basement needs, you have set out a budget, asked all the right questions, and now you are ready to hire the best basement contractor. If you are an Ottawa homeowner and are looking for basement finishing drywall and framing in Ottawa contact reno solutions today for a free quote. Contact us!

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