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How The Coach Partnership’s Health Coaching Program Can Benefit You?

Stress levels today are at an all-time high, leading most of us to struggle to cope with it, inadvertently making us compromise on lifestyle habits and health. There is much uncertainty despite the urgent need to strike a balance, disengage from poor lifestyle habits, and lead a healthier and better life. But all this is easier to say without proper support and guidance. A good health-coaching program can help you here.

What do you need to know about holistic health coaching? 

Along with imparting confidence, health coaching gives people the skills and the know-how, allowing their active participation in self-care and achieving their goals. The primary aim here is to guide patrons towards leading an overall healthier life.

Holistic health coaching looks into the larger picture of the patron’s life, focusing on all areas that need self-improvement, and it views the spirit, body, and mind as one. Its sole focus is no specific desired outcome, but many interrelated health issues get addressed.

For example, if a client’s goal is to achieve a positive mindset, their relationship with others and stress levels are inspected. Hence health coaching looks into several facets that include:

  •     Nutrition
  •     Relationships
  •     Spirituality
  •     Physical fitness
  •     Recreational activities
  •     Leisure

If someone is trying to manage their body weight, his or her relationship with food, exercise, and emotional well-being gets examined.

The benefits of health coaching 

According to research, health coaching has proved helpful for many populations in several ways.

   • Health coaching contributes to decision-making. A study undertaken in 2016 proved Health coaches help support decision-making ability and implement changes to improve general health and well-being. Coaches work with their patients, helping them identify problems, plan, overcome obstacles, and provide reminders. In doing so, clinicians enable patients to make broader choices. Though the coach offers options and suggestions, the ultimate choice is the patient’s own. 

   • Provides support to hypertensive patients. Studies have shown that poor hypertension is managed and better controlled by health coaching. Pharmacists trained in health coaching educate patients about hypertension and its associated complications and available treatment options, which help to improve the patient’s knowledge and attitude towards hypertension. You may visit https://www.thecoachpartnership.com/health-coaching-program to get help in the management and better treatment of chronic health issues.

   • Offers support to diabetes. A study conducted in 2019 helped demonstrate that health coaching is an effective strategy for diabetic patients trying to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. It increases the self-efficacy of diabetes control and management.

Principles of health coaching 

The primary principles of health coaching include the following:

1. Purpose of health improvement and wellness of the client.

2. The belief that every individual has self-management capability.

3. To develop an active partnership with clients and offer a personalized experience by setting client-based goals depending on their preferences rather than generalized ones.

4. To help people assess themselves and help them move forward

5. Make way for the patient to feel empowered and build skills.

Knowledge alone cannot change a patient’s behavior and understanding of the underlying psychological principles. Health coaches’ work by guiding their clients, providing them with uniquely designed plans to develop sustainable strategies (like Nutrition, exercise spirituality, relationships, and work) to help them achieve a healthier life.

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