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The Causes, Errors, and Most Effective Solutions for SQL Database Corruption 

The SQL server saves the data files in .mdf format and header information is the first thing that comprises the first page of the file. The header page is capable of storing all the essential pieces of information regarding the size of the database, the signature, and many more. If you’re planning to attach the MSF file to the SQL server, you might face different types of errors such as SQL Server Error 2, MS SQL Server Header Error 5172, SQL Server Error 5171, etc. These corruptions in the MS SQL server typically happen when the SQL MDF file is either corrupted or damaged. Due to these errors, the header information will not only get mismatched but the MS SQL database server will also end up being inaccessible. 

Causes of SQL Database Corruption

But do you know the causes of database corruption? Many users don’t know why the SQL server database is corrupted and therefore, they don’t find any specific solution to that problem. Make sure you read this article to the end to know more. 

Make Sure You Don’t Reboot the Server 

This is one of the most common causes of MS SQL database corruption. When you reboot the SQL server, you will be able to fix the minor issues from the end of the operating system. However, if the problem lies within the server, you should avoid rebooting the process at any cost if you want to solve the database corruption issue. This is because when you reboot the system, it will only transfer the data items in the offline mode and will end up detecting the SQL database in suspect mode. This might worsen the situation. 

Don’t Shutdown the Server

This is an important thing you need to keep in mind. Once you’ve identified the corruption of the master database in the MS SQL server, you should not try to shut down the server. If you think that shutting down the server will help you fix this problem, you’re mistaken. This is because it might make the SQL database inaccessible. 

You also need to avoid detaching and reattaching the SQL server database in cases when the database is corrupted. This is because detaching and reattaching the database will only worsen the situation. 

Don’t Use Repair Commands 

As per Brentozar, DBCC CHECKDB is one of the most important commands of the SQL server and many users run this command to fix the database corruption issue. But keep in mind that you don’t need to run this command unnecessarily. This command is only for the worst-case scenarios when the other methods have failed to fix the database corruption. In many cases, you might end up losing the data items permanently while running this command. Therefore, make sure you know the proper syntax while running this command. 

How Can You Prevent SQL Server Database Corruption?

One of the best ways to prevent database corruption is by taking necessary precautions in the first place. Even if you face data corruption in the SQL server, you should not panic. Instead, you need to use an effective SQL recovery tool that will help you with the process. 

You should always need to enter data validation for preventing database corruption. You also need to change the password of the application daily or weekly. Make sure you don’t implement irrelevant functionalities which will help you prevent malware attacks. Malicious attacks are one of the most common causes of SQL database corruption. 

Manual Techniques to Fix MS SQL Database Corruption 

If the database corruption of the MS SQL server is of a minor level, only then these below-mentioned strategies will work. When the database corruption is severe, you will have no other choice but to use the SQL recovery tool as it will prove extremely effective. When the corruption is of a minor level, you will be able to notice immediate results. This method is dependent on the corruption level as there are various ways to deal with SQL database corruption. Here are some effective methods that the users can follow if they want to fix the minor SQL database corruption. 

  • If you want to fix the problem regarding the MS SQL database corruption, you need to use the backup file or log file that will help you repair the MS SQL database. However, in the case when the database corruption is extremely high, this method might not prove effective. 
  • Even though you might end up losing the database items permanently, the DBCC CHECKDB and DBCC REPAIR commands will help you with the fixing process of the MS SQL database. But keep in mind that you need to have in-depth knowledge if you’re planning to go with this specific method. This is why non-technical users should avoid using this method. 


These are the causes, errors, and some best ways to fix the MS SQL database corruption. If you want to know more, make sure you comment below to let us know. 

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