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How Many Portable Toilets Do You Need for an Outdoor Event?

Planning an event of any size is never easy, and people who could be better at it often miss important parts. Even though it is easy to focus on things like decorations, music, food, and other fun things, portable bathrooms are essential to planning small or large events. Whether your event is a big outdoor music festival, a high school sports game, or a small wedding in the country, everyone who comes will need affordable portable toilets.

Getting ready for an outdoor event takes a lot of work. Bathrooms that are clean and well-kept are basic but essential amenities. The best thing to do is set up portable or modular toilets for the event. They are easy to set up and may make it easier for guests and other event workers to get in and out.

Why are Portable Toilets a Good Choice?

More Rapid Construction

Like other modular modules, the bathroom could be done in one-third less time than traditional brick-and-mortar methods.

Also, since the outdoor event you want to plan will only happen once, you will not need a structure that will last. These portable toilets are a great choice because they are easy to set up even in the hardest-to-reach places.

Simple Maintenance

One of the biggest problems with permanent toilet buildings is that they take a lot of work to keep up. Also, when many people use the restrooms at outdoor events, they get dirty and unclean. Without enough people to clean and maintain it, it could be a health risk for your guests. But portable toilets, on the contrary, are simple to maintain.

Elegant Looking

Unlike traditional toilets made of brick and mortar, the EzyNest modular units look good. It looks great and can be changed in any way you want. Also, the insides of these apartments are clean and have hidden fixtures.

So, if you are having an event outside, you do not have to give up style to have bathrooms for your guests. If you have been looking for an elegant portable toilet consider contacting Sarah’s Hire. They are one one of the best portable toilet providers. 

Simple to Install

One of the best things about using portable toilets for outdoor events is that they are easy to set up and can be moved to different places. These buildings are both solid and easy to carry. Also, they are easy to take apart and put back together. This means that you can move it to a new site for outdoor activities in the future.

Planning Portable Toilets for Events

Porta-potties and portable bathrooms are essential to getting ready for an event. The average person goes to the toilet up to seven times a day. If there is food or drink, that number will likely go up. Portable toilets must be available at outdoor events like:

  • Weddings
  • Reunions
  • Art or music festivals
  • Markets for wholesale or retail
  • Chances to try beer and wine
  • Concerts
  • Contests and races in sports

You do not want not having enough bathrooms to ruin your party, concert, or other events. The organisers must have enough portable restrooms to ensure everything goes as planned.


The number of people at an event is the most critical factor in figuring out how many portable toilets are needed. Several online estimation tools can help event planners determine the exact amount required for an event.

Getting affordable portable bathrooms for your event will ensure that everything runs smoothly for the whole time. Your customers/guests will appreciate having enough bathrooms and places to wash their hands all over the grounds.

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