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How long does recovery take after surgery of undescended testis?

In this case, a surgical procedure commonly known as orchidopexy is applied. Therefore, it may suggest when to move one or both testis. The ideal timing for the treatment is before your child becomes 12 months old. However, waiting longer can increase a boy’s risk of fertility problems (infertility) or testicular cancer later in life. Hence, the recovery after surgery of undescended testis usually lasts two to three days.

What does the term “undescended testis” mean?

Baby boys usually suffer from this condition. However, in this situation, one or two of the baby’s testis are missing from the scrotum after birth. Therefore, surgery is the most common, effective, and long-lasting treatment for undescended testes. Before your child is two years old, it is essential to have surgery for undescended testis in Pakistan to avoid complications later in life.

What is an orchidopexy surgical procedure:

An undescended testicle is surgically moved into the scrotum during an orchiopexy surgery. Therefore, testicular torsion surgery, sometimes known as an orchiopexy, conducts. However, sometimes, the process finishes within an hour. Moreover, bruising, infections, and issues with healing are the risks of this type of surgery. In this type of surgery, recovery after surgery of undescended testis takes two or more weeks for you.


Laparoscopy is a type of keyhole procedure used when it is found that the testicle is located higher in the abdomen. Therefore, sometimes it is done so that it can be located before being moved. It involves making a tiny incision in your child’s stomach and inserting a laparoscope a little tube with a light source and a camera—through it. On rare occasions, a testicle located inside the abdomen can be removed and moved straight down to the scrotum. Hence, following the operation, the incisions are often closed using non-removable dissolvable stitches.

After an orchiopexy, what happens?

Your healthcare provider will apply gauze or bandages to the stitches when the orchiopexy is complete. However, recovery after surgery of undescended testis is faster when sleeping. Therefore, to keep your child asleep, the doctor will stop giving anesthesia to them. The medical staff will wait for your child to awaken in a recovery room, where they will also keep an eye on their general health.

Recovery after surgery:

It usually takes one hour. Although this operation only takes 45 minutes, it may take many hours to recover from the anesthetic. Recovery after surgery of undescended testis for most children over 12 months of age is faster recover sometimes. However, your child can resume normal activities in about two or three days. Moreover, our top priority is your health. Therefore, at ALSA Pakistan, we provide circumcision and penile surgery for kids as part of pediatric surgeries

Risks of surgery:

An orchidopexy may result in bruising, swelling, or bleeding where the incisions making as complications or side effects. Moreover, it includes the testicle rising back up into the groin and the wound developing an infection. Furthermore, the testicle may wither because the blood supply is insufficient to support it in its altered position (testicular atrophy).

When to consult a doctor:

The recovery after surgery of undescended testis is quicker, but if it isn’t, watch out for any symptoms of an infection at the operation site. Your child is feeling hot or shaky or having a high temperature being more heated or irritated than the surrounding area at the operation site. Furthermore, see a doctor if fluid or pus discharges from the surgical site. However, undescended tests for paeds run a higher risk of experiencing infertility. Consequently, get counsel from your doctor as soon as possible if you have any of these symptoms or signs.

Undescended Testicle Surgery Cost in Pakistan:

Patients from all over Pakistan come to ALSA to visit Dr. Mohsin, our top pediatric surgeon. Therefore, he offers a ground-breaking cure for testis issues in children, babies, and teenagers. He promises quicker recovery after surgery of undescended testis. The current price of undescended testicle surgery cost is between 100k and 150k for one side and 150k and 200k for both sides. Additionally, our highly skilled and experienced team frequently performs some of the most advanced minimally invasive surgical testis operations on children.

Best surgeon:

Dr. Muhammad Mohsin at ALSA Pakistan offers the best skills for treating cryptorchidism and contributes to your child’s healthy and happy life. Because your health is our top priority, ALSA Pakistan provides affordable penile surgery for newborn babies and surgery for undescended testis.

Results of surgery:

Generally speaking, the chance of a successful operation increases with the natural distance between the testicle and the scrotum. Therefore, more than 90% of treatments for palpable testis that is close to the scrotum are successful treatment. Moreover, the treatment of impalpable abdominal testis is less effective after surgery. Further, testicular cancer risk may decrease but not eliminates by surgery.

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