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How Karma Work according blessings and curses?

Many of us hear about Karma and its impact on our daily life. People say that our Karma is responsible for bringing happiness and sadness into our life. Whenever we do good Karma, they bring prosperity and happiness to us. At the same time, when we indulge in bad Karma, they bring sorrow and tough time. So today, we will try to find out that it is true that Karma, blessings, and curses go hand in hand. At the same time, we will also try to understand the significance of remembering this philosophy that God is greater than the highs and lows of life to deal with bad times. 

Is there anything called Karma that exists?

It is not a scientifically statement that Karma is responsible for whatever we face in our life. But still, many people believe in Karma and think everything happening to them in life is because of Karma. Getting good wishes and blessings from others is because of Karma, and if someone curses you, it is also based on your Karma. Good Karma brings blessings, and lousy Karma brings curses. The results of blessings and curses bring happiness and sadness in life, respectively. That is why many people trust the philosophy of Karma and not the fact that Science does not back the concept. 

Why Karma is considered so crucial by people?

People take Karma very seriously and have a strong faith in doing the right things to get the best in their lives. For example, bad Karma can bring a lot of sorrow and misery to their life and vice versa when they indulge in doing good Karma. The main reason people believe in Karma is because of mythological books that also talk about it. God and religion are very much connected in the hearts of people. People sometimes use them interchangeably as well. So whatever is there in religious books, people find it the direct voice of God, which they follow religiously. This is the case with Karma, which many religious books talk about, and we can see people trust Karma’s story for this cause.

Do Karma, blessings, and curses have any direct or indirect relation? 

According to mythological and religious books, Karma impacts our lives to a great extent. Everything we encounter in life, be it happiness or sadness, is based on our Karma. For example, if we are doing good things and deeds in our life, it will bring blessings that will turn into happiness. At the same time, if we are not in good Karma, it will bring curses from people and the universe, which ultimately gives rise to sadness and sorrow. This is the fundamental philosophy behind the reason why people are trying to do their best in their Karmas to attract prosperity in their life.

How do Good Karma and lousy Karma results in blessings and Curses?

As said many times, if you are involve in good Karma, it will help you get blessings that will convert into your life’s happiness. At the same time, we can apply the same principle to our evil deeds and Karma. The philosophy of Karma is based on this entire story, and people strive every day to get the best for themselves by committing good deeds. Some people are in the sciences and still have faith in Karmas because they do not entirely omit the idea of God. So if you are also one of them, you can trust God at the exact time science on personal and professional grounds, respectively. 

Eventually, we can reach a point where Karma, blessings, and curses go hand in hand. Based on the story of Karma, you should accumulate blessings from everyone to stay happy in your life. If you want to stay away from sadness and sorrow in your life, you have to commit only good Karma. This is not possible in actuality, which is why we must welcome sadness and happiness in life. Both are the two phases of the same coin, and we need to accept this dire reality. It is always good to have a clear understanding of the things that we cannot stay happy with all the time, as sometimes we commit bad Karma out of ignorance. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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