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How Long Do Elf Bars Last

Various studies have shown that the average vaper takes about 135 to 140 puffs a day. If you are also an average vaper, then your single Elf bar device lasts up to four days. 

Most Elf Bars last up to 600 puffs; however, other Elf bar disposable vapes, known as pro pods, give you up to 1500 puffs. The devices from Elf bar perform flawlessly and are impeccable. Sleek, slim, and straightforward Elf bars are perfect for beginners and avid vapers alike. 

What Is So Special About Elf Bar? 

The brand has been creating marvellous vape devices since its inception. Established in 2018, Elf bar has come a long way. They are famous for their unrivalled and intriguing disposables. There is hardly any vaper who is not familiar with the Elf bar. 

  • Intriguing Vape Juices: 

All Elf Bar devices deliver excellent taste, which gives pleasure to the vaper’s soul. The brand crafted its devices with deep scrutiny and meticulous details. Their devices are curated with high-grade and authentic material.

  • Safe And Sound Vapes:

The brand solely focuses on “Healthy and Better” vaping. Therefore they regularly update their devices. They launch their devices in the market after thousands of experiments, tests and thorough inspections. 

  • Exuberant Design: 

Elf bar’s delicate designs and intuitive structure make them more intriguing to vapers. One of the best things about Elf Bar is its authenticity. They create top-notch vapes and ensure that they are safe to inhale!

  • Simple And Effortless Functionality:

Elf bar’s non-complicated and non-perplexed devices last longer than other disposable vapes. Most Elf bars come with an auto-draw feature, meaning you do not have to press any button to start them_ just purchase them and vape away!

  • Moreish E-liquid Flavours:

Flavours are the crucial elements; they exponentially enhance your vaping experience. You will be glad to know that Elf bars have various enticing flavours to offer. You can order your favourite vape device in whichever flavour you want. You will get every flavour of your choice, from minty flavours to fruity.

Your Vaping Style Determine Your Vape’s Life:

No one can predict how long your device will last, as it depends on your vaping style. If you are a frequent vaper and take drag-long puffs, your device will last for two days. However, if you vape often, chances are your device long for a few days. It is always recommended to use a vape device moderately so that you can enjoy vaping for a long time.

Your vape’s battery capacity and e-liquid also determine how long the device will last. If the battery is depleted sooner or the e-juice runs out quickly, the device will cease functioning. With Elf bar disposables, you do not have to worry about the vape’s battery. The batteries of these devices are sustainable as compared to other vapes. 

How Many Cigarettes Equivalent To The Elf Bar? 

Elf bar 600 puffs disposable vape is equivalent to 40-45 cigarettes. The device gives you everything that you need to start your smoking quitting journey. It contains nic-salt e-liquid, which provides perfect nicotine hits and helps you overcome your addiction. Switch to Elf bars today and get rid of your smoking habits.

Elf Bars manufacturers make sure that their devices last longer and that people do not have to fritter away money. Therefore, they construct their devices with durable quality materials. 


How long an Elf bar device last depends on how a person uses it. Drawing too many puffs will lower the efficiency of your vape device. Whereas vaping slowly can affect the e-liquids composition. Some other factors, such as temperature control, power settings and nicotine level, also play an integral part in the life of your vape device.

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