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How Does A Disability Affect Daily Life?

People with disabilities come across many barriers throughout their lives. Over the years, many things have been changed, but there’s still a long way to go.

The Australian government took the initiative of making independent living easier for people with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in 2020. This program provides a wide range of support to help people build independent lives and reach their goals. This program provides support for many aspects of the participant’s life, but one of the primary support in this Scheme is “assistance with daily living.”

NDIS participants often face challenges in their daily activities like cooking, eating, dressing, cleaning, etc. It is a known fact that people with physical and intellectual challenges are often dependent on their family or friends for their routine tasks, which affects their daily lives. Here are some ways in which disability affects the daily lives of the affected people.

Enable U provides disability services in Sydney. They have professional support workers who provide their clients with the best possible services to ensure they reach their goals.

Routine Tasks

It is common among NDIS participants to not perform their routine tasks themselves. No one likes to be dependent on others, and NDIS participants often have no say in this. Since disability doesn’t allow them to be independent and move around freely on their own, their family and friends come to help. Having someone over to help with day-to-day tasks is not a good feeling.

NDIS allows the funding for participants to hire a support worker who will assist them until they become confident enough to perform their routine tasks themselves. Participants can have the support worker supervise their activities, or they can have them perform them on their behalf.

Lack Of Confidence

Since NDIS participants cannot perform their routine tasks themselves, they often face a lack of confidence in their daily lives. It can occur while they’re at school or work. Being socially deprived can also be the reason for them to feel uneasy in their daily lives. NDIS gives them the opportunity to build their confidence by participating in community activities and communicating with their support workers daily. Being able to do their tasks themselves will also give them the confidence to face their daily challenges.


As harsh as it may sound, oftentimes, disability also affects the personal relationships of the participant. Some people might be too busy to help NDIS participants with their activities or assist them at social events. In some cases, the participant himself might not feel confident enough to face others.

In either case, the relationships can get affected, and the participant might end up spending every day confined in the house, which is never a good sign. NDIS allows the participant to make new friends by providing various home and living options. Participants can choose to live in a shared accommodation that will help them get more comfortable with new people and build new relationships.

Do I Need Disability Support?

Many people in Australia face different challenges, and disability comes in different types. All disabilities are not eligible for disability support because it is funded depending on the severity of one’s condition. If a permanent impairment causes your disability, you might be eligible for NDIS support.

You can access all the above-mentioned support under NDIS. This program provides many different types of support to help its participants meet their goals and build independent lives. This program aims to reduce the amount of support participants need regularly, and it provides all the necessary support to ensure that the goal is reached.

If you are looking for disability services in Sydney, reach out to Enable U. Their support workers will help you connect with the necessary support so you can work towards your goals and become an independent individual.

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