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Homeowners Insurance Claim Advocate: What You Need to Know

Have you just filed a homeowners insurance claim, only to find out that the insurance company will not cover your losses? If you think this sounds suspicious, you’re not alone – and you should know that there are professionals out there who can help you receive compensation from your homeowners insurance company. In this article, we’ll go over what homeowners insurance claims advocates are and what services they provide to homeowners so that you can decide whether or not hiring an advocate would be beneficial to your situation.

The home insurance claims process

A homeowner’s insurance claim advocate is an individual who assists people with filing their homeowner’s insurance claims. They will help you understand the process of your homeowners insurance company, file a claim, and deal with any issues that may arise during this process.

If you want to hire a homeowner’s claim advocate, they can help make sure that you get all of the money that is owed to you for repairing damages or replacing property after a fire, theft or flood. A homeowner’s insurance claim advocate will also guide you through each step in the process, so it can be much less confusing than it might be on your own. There are many different reasons why people hire a homeowners’ insurance claim advocate and most often it is because they don’t have time or the skillset necessary for this type of project. Many people find that hiring a homeowners’ insurance claim advocate is beneficial as it gives them peace of mind knowing someone else is handling their home insurance needs.

Your rights as a policyholder

Policyholders are entitled to a homeowners insurance claim advocate as part of their coverage. This is an individual or company who will help them file their claim and make sure that they get the money for which they are owed. If you have questions about your rights as a policyholder, speak with your agent or contact your insurer. If you think that your claims were improperly handled or if you were underpaid by $100,000+, contact a homeowners insurance claim advocate. A homeowners insurance claim advocate can also be contacted before filing a homeowners insurance claim to ensure that you know what steps need to be taken and what paperwork needs to be filled out in order for your claim to be processed properly. The right homeowners insurance claim advocate can save you time, stress, and money when it comes to dealing with homeowners insurance claims.

The role of an advocate

An advocate is a person who argues for a certain cause or idea. Advocates are often people with a lot of knowledge and experience in the subject they are advocating for. Advocates can be found everywhere from courtrooms and law offices to classrooms, boardrooms, and even your own home. A homeowners insurance claim advocate is one example of an advocate you might come across in your daily life. These advocates work on behalf of individuals who have filed a homeowner’s insurance claim advocate with their insurance company. The job of the homeowner’s insurance claim advocate is to help the client get compensation from the homeowner’s insurance company after weather-related damages have been incurred. Weather-related damages usually include things like water damage, wind damage, and hail damage. In order to be qualified as a homeowners insurance claim advocate, someone needs at least three years of experience working with these types of cases.

How an advocate can help you

If you have had a recent disaster, such as a fire or flood, and are now filing a homeowners insurance claim with your insurance company, it is important that you hire a homeowners insurance claim advocate. This is someone who will help you understand the process of filing for and receiving your reimbursement. Some people think an advocate is not necessary because they are going through their insurance company. However, it is easy for even the most trustworthy companies to make mistakes when dealing with large amounts of claims simultaneously. An advocate will be able to help you find these mistakes and ensure that your claim gets processed correctly and in a timely manner. They can also provide emotional support during what can often be an incredibly difficult time. For more information on how homeowners insurance claim advocates can help you file a successful homeowners insurance claim advocate, contact us today.

When to hire an advocate

If you have had a homeowners insurance claim in the past five years, then it may be wise to hire an advocate. Insurance companies often deny claims at first and will investigate them again later. If they determine that you were not at fault, they will reimburse your claim or make a settlement offer. A homeowners insurance claim advocate can help you understand what documentation is required for filing and can help with paperwork if needed. They can also check back in on your behalf with your insurance company every few months. Homeowners insurance claim advocates typically charge by the hour so it is important for you to know exactly what their services entail before hiring one and how much their hourly rate is. However, there are some that work on contingency; meaning, they don’t get paid until the homeowner does. The number of hours spent working for a homeowners insurance claim advocate can vary depending on whether you file under liability coverage or under comprehensive coverage. A typical case takes about six hours from start to finish and includes researching the legal options and determining how much money is owed by your insurance company as well as any legal costs. A homeowners insurance claim advocate can also offer insight into things like mediation, negotiation, and arbitration. It’s important to note that homeowners insurance claim advocates are lawyers but not all lawyers will take on this type of advocacy because it requires a great deal of time.

The best thing to do when looking for an advocate is asking friends or neighbors who might have used one in the past. Word-of-mouth recommendations are usually your best bet when selecting this type of professional service provider because it helps reduce the risk associated with using someone you found online.

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