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Holographic Vs Glitter Stickers? What’s the Difference?

Stickers can do wonders! Having them on top of your bags, notebooks, pencils, etc., let your things stand out even in gigantic crowds. The eye-catching, enthralling and color-enriched stickers also offer visually appealing and heartwarming sceneries. 

But there are tons of stickers out there and choosing the right one for your things is a bit tricky. You wouldn’t want to spend money on low-quality stickers that won’t live longer. 

In order to get the best stickers, you must know the different types of stickers and the major differences between them. This helps you figure out which type will fit your needs.

Good news for you, this blog has highlighted the differences between two main types of stickers, i.e., holographic and glitter stickers, just to help you pick the best kind of stickers for your things.

Holographic Stickers 

Have you ever noticed the tiny stickers printed on top of the degree certificate? 

Those stickers are known as holographic stickers. 

The holographic stickers are printed on the special shimmering materials that offer a magnificent rainbow-like view when lights fall upon them. What’s more amazing is that these stickers can show all the seven rainbow colors. 

Ink is injected on these holographic vinyl and then further coated with a lamination for manufacturing these sticky beautiful stickers. Holographic stickers are commonly used on documents for showing credibility. 

Glitter Stickers 

You know what stickers and glitters are. When glitters are packed within the stickers, they become glitter stickers!

The different types of glitter stickers are: 

  • Custom Printed and Laminated Glitter Stickers 
  • Simple Lamination Free Glitter Stickers 
  • Glitter Wall Stickers 

Unlike the holographic stickers, glitter stickers don’t offer a rainbow-like views to the viewers.

Which One Should You Buy? 

That depends on your interest. For instance, if you’re more attracted to the fancy designs, choosing glitter stickers would be a good idea. However, for the people who like “rainbosih” and shimmery colors, holographic stickers should be their pick. 

As now you know the main differences between these types, let’s discuss a few tips on finding a credible sticker seller in the next section. After all, not buying stickers from the right company or shop is of no use! 

How to Find the Right Sticker-Seller Online? 

If you write “buy glitter stickers online” in Google search engine, your screen will be filled with tons of sticker-selling platforms. 

But how would you know which is the credible one? 

Remember, the online world is filled with innumerable scammers. Here is how you can filter them out and find the best sticker seller online: 

  • Checkout your chosen seller’s testimonials. 
  • Do send them a message or directly call them to test their customer services.
  • If possible, visit their shop. 

If you find a company that has happy testimonials to show-off on their website and offers you top-notch customer services, you’re good to go! 

Final Words! 

Holographic and glitter stickers, both offer amazing benefits. Not only children love pasting them on their things, but also educationists use them for certification purposes. 

Both pass through almost the same printed process. The only difference is that holographic stickers are manufactured using iridescent materials, and glitter stickers are made with plastic materials that don’t offer rainbow-like visuals. 

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