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Hiring Guide to Choose a Reliable Removal Company

When you think about moving, engaging a removal company can make the procedure much easy. They have the mastery and the tools to complete your move quickly and effectively, favoring you to start off-loading and settle into your new home earlier. But what should you look for when hiring a reliable removal company? How much will it cost? This hiring guide is here to answer all your queries so that you can handle your move conveniently.

Services Offered by Removal Companies:

Removal companies provide a range of services. A regular removal company is likely to offer the following:

  • Domestic removals
  • Office removals
  • Packing
  • Storage, etc.

The removal company for office or home removals may also assist you in undoing the furniture to make the loading easier. However, their primary objective is to get your things from one place to another.

Choosing the Right Removal Company:

Instead of booking the first company you talk to, you should do some research and must compare all the offers you have. It will help you in selecting the best option depending on your requirement and budget.  

When you’re choosing your removal company as well as man and van in Essex, here are the things you need to take notice off:


The first thing to look for is experience, how much experience does the company have? Preferably, they should have been working for a few years at least. Is your move complex and challenging? Inquire from the company if they have ever executed a similar move before because that will help you whether it is suited for you or not.


What is the reputation of the company, and what do people say about the company? The company may have a couple of bad reviews but the 

The all-around reputation and majority of the reviews should be good. If not, then this could be a red flag.


Reviews may say staff’s conduct. If the reviews imply that a staff member wasn’t qualified or experienced, you may not expect to hire that removal company. You want a unit of experts to perform your removals.

Extra fees:

Your removal company should deliver a detailed quotation mentioning everything about the costs of the removal. If not, ask them to categorize all the expenses. Also, inspect there are no disguised charges that you might have to pay on the day.


Removal companies know the dangers and hazards of their assignment. A quality company will have public liability insurance and goods-in-transit insurance to protect any loss or only some of it, counting on the procedure or damages that can happen while moving out the removal process.

Delays policy:

Make sure you ask about their delays policy. Considering some removal companies demand additional money for every hour of delay, which can usually get out of your hand, specifically, if you are waiting for your law agent to notify you about the completion of your property transaction.

Payment Terms:

Most of the removal companies ask for an upfront paid deposit. It is often a percentage of the total agreed cost. The deposit paid upfront is generally non-refundable and is to secure your removal date. Thus, you should not pay a non-refundable deposit till everyone works out a moving date.

Also, see how the company wants to get paid. Be wary of companies who persist solely on a cash-in-hand payment or a substantial cash deposit. Reputed removal companies should be able to take payments by credit/debit card and cheques along with cash.

Ask About Storage:

Another crucial factor to consider when selecting your removal company is storage.

Many people who move every year are uninformed that multiple removal companies with big warehouses present this as an extra or even independent service. Storage can be helpful if you’re organizing your move at different times or if you are moving overseas.

Review of the removal company you are considering can deliver this. They may offer discounted or free storage as a token of encouragement for moving with them.


Every removal company has a different set of vehicles depending upon their size and whether they are local, national or international.

It is justifiable to question which ones can be offered to you, especially if you are shifting to a difficult destination or if you think there might be passing issues at your existing home.

Smaller vehicles might be more adaptable to meeting your house move. Similarly, large road trains can guarantee your entire cargo can accommodate neatly in its loading area.


So, all the above-mentioned factors are the ones you need to consider when hiring a reliable removal company. By taking notice of all the elements, you will come up with a better and more professional option.

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