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Hearing Noises? What Animal Is In Your Attic

Do you often hear strange noises in your house? But you don’t know what is causing it. Here is what it could be! It could probably be an attic pest like mice or raccoons. If you want to know what is causing such chaos and disturbance, you need to carry out an inspection. With inspection, you can know the reason for it and can know more about your hearing noises. What animal is in your attic? Having such pests on your property can be a threat to you and your family. They invade your property for various reasons. The reasons could be endless and a few of them include gathering food, shelter, and protecting themselves from any other pests or predators. But to find out what is in your attic, you need to keep an eye on certain symptoms or you can engage some Possum Removal Canberra experts. Symptoms include:

  • Scratching sounds
  • Hissing sounds 
  • Pest feces on your attics 
Possum Removal
Possum Removal

The Following Are The Pests And The Noises That You Could Probably Hear! 

You can identify the noise and can tell what type of pest it is! Because the options are limited, therefore, you will be able to identify them easily. Are you Hearing noises? What animal is in your attic? Then you can identify them by going through this blog. 

  • Mice And Rat Noises: Most rodents, especially mice and rats are frequently the invaders of your property. They can easily be identified as they create the typical scratching noises which are quite annoying. The common question is about hearing noises. What animal is in your attic? You need to track the noises in order to identify the animal that has been invading your property. In search of food, rodents often end up on your property and cause irreversible damage irreversibly. You will observe a lot of hissing, screeching, and scratching on the wall while they are on your property. 

So dealing with them can be a task, as they are quite stubborn to get rid of.  Therefore, you need to use effective methods to remove them from your property. If you have a rodent infestation, you need to follow certain preventive measures to ensure that more rodents don’t enter your property and also seek help to get rid of the infestation simultaneously. 

  • Squirrel Noises: Squirrels can invade your property,  especially the attic most commonly. They climb the tree tops and can enter your properties through your windows or inlets. You can identify them entering your property with their jumping or scratching noises. As they move rapidly, you tend to hear the running sounds as well. Since squirrels are quite tough to deal with, you would need close observation to deal with them. 

They are very active during the daytime and are quite motile during this time. The noises they make are different from species to species. While searching for food and moving in and out, you tend to observe certain sounds. With this, you can understand that there is something that is residing in your attic. Probably with inspection, you will be able to know about it. The following are the different types of squirrels that could be on your property: 

  • Gray Squirrels: This type of species makes squealing sounds, loud screeching, or even chewing sounds. They tend to create cracks or holes in your roofing. They even damage your electric wires which can be a potential hazard. 
  • Flying Squirrels: They create soft and thumping noises during the nighttime. As this particular species is the nocturnal one and the reason behind such an annoying sound in the middle of the night could be the presence of flying squirrels. 
  • Red Squirrels: They are the most annoying type of species in the squirrels. Since they are loud chewers you can probably hear the voices easily. 
  • Racoon Noises: These are the nocturnal foragers. They search for food at night and come back early in the morning. Females often search for the best and safe places for nesting due to which you tend to hear sounds during the night. Be it light thumps or full-on scratching, the noises that you hear are probably due to the presence of racoons. They can rip off the roofs very badly and can cause holes the size of a big ball. They enter the house by tearing apart the roof or via the vent. And most importantly, racoons are active during the spring season as they breed during this season. Therefore, if you come across any of these sounds from your attic, especially during the spring nights, it can be due to the racoons.  
  • Certain Birds That Are Trapped: Birds can enter your attic while searching for food or for building their nests. In the process of this, they sometimes get stuck in attics, walls,  crawl spaces, etc. Once they are stuck, they struggle hard to find their way out of it and make chirping noises, or scratching sounds. This can even be due to the flapping of their wings vigorously. You get to hear such sounds and not know what that could be. Are you Hearing noises? What animal is in your attic? Well, the answer, in this case, is that it necessarily doesn’t have to be an animal, as it could even be a bird. Therefore, you can follow the sounds and look out for the bird that is in your attic or simply hire someone to do it. You can also read some insights on How To Remove A Possum From Your Roof & Stop Them Returning.


Hearing noises? What animal is in your attic? If you are hearing noises from your attic very often, then it’s time to take this matter seriously. Because there could be a probability of pest infestation in your house. Ignoring this can cost you a lot in future. Attic pests, in general, are very detrimental and can damage your property. Therefore, if you ever suspect the presence of these pests, you should either deal with them as soon as possible or even try to seek professionals’ help. As per experts’ advice, hiring a professional team is the best way to deal with them. Since experts are highly equipped and well-versed, they know how to deal with the pests. And also you are not aware of the type of pest that is invading your property, it would be the best and safer option for you to choose a professional team. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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