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Hawaii Descriptive Essay

Traveling is the most favorite habit of everyone. After working all day we all need to detoxify after every few months or once in a year. If you are interested in traveling and want to write your travel essay? Let us help you in making your first draft a perfect one. Read this example of Hawaii descriptive essay to learn everything. 

Hawaii Descriptive Essay

Hawaii is the 50th American state that consists of 8 islands. It’s the smallest state in America. It’s also the third richest state in the united states. One of the most beautiful and diversified islands that entered the union in 1959. Hawaii is the most important state for American policy in the pacific. It’s also the most strategically significant for American Pacific Command. Hawaii also has the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

There are many writers who have published essays on this topic or you can use an write my essay service. But for me, this is my favorite topic to write a descriptive essay. As an essay writer, I have to choose what I can describe best therefore my personal experience came in handy for this writing.

Last year near Christmas when I had to decide where to go for spending the holidays I had no idea which places to go. Due to heavy snowfall, it was becoming really unbearable to clean the doorway and the roof from snow on a daily basis.

After reading some magazines here and there I decided to go to Honolulu, Hawaii. It seemed like a warm place to get exhaustion and hate for snow out of my mind. I bought the ticket online and headed toward the airport.

I did gather all the books from the shelf that were filled with dust due to my lack of time management I have given to my book reading habit. Reaching late and after several pleading, they did allow me to get on board.

The flight time was more than ten hours and sufficient enough to have multiple naps between reaching the destination. After many turbulences, I finally reached the Honolulu International Airport.

Having not to wear dense and bulky jackets and thermal gloves seems so satisfying and fulfills the purpose of escaping the frigid zone. I chose to wear an aloha shirt and shorts.

The jet descending seemed to like landing on the water. Honolulu’s main international airport is totally built on a small artificial island connecting the mainland. Downtown was just 6 miles away.

Just by seeing the beauty of the city from the sky, I was sure I’m in a good place for celebrating Christmas. After reaching my hotel I decided to just explore the city. Feeling famished by the hunger I head to the Waikiki beach and found the best seafood restaurant.

Having crab burgers with butter-fried prawns and shark fin soup delighted my gastronomical needs. After getting fully satisfied with the local restaurant’s offering, I head out to see the Hawaii State Art Museum like a lion exploring his jungle.

Hawaii State Art Museum is a 6-story majestic building. Its white and bubble gum pink color on the walls is visible from miles await. It’s as large as a palace. With countless windows and arches all around the building coving it like petals of a flower.

Going inside seems like entering a castle filled with gold. As soon as you step foot into the entrance you are greeted by a majestic hallway. The grandiose entrance is filled with all the local’s artwork mostly painting. These were all collected from the local tribes’ traditional paintwork.

Along with the painting, there are huge sculpture-like two heads painted in white and black. These are some of the most gigantic pieces of art I had ever seen. One has full features on the face and the other has no features.

Such a deep artistic value these sculptures have in them. Seeing them through the artist’s eye provides a demonstration of thoughtfulness and creativity. Visiting the museum gives a perfect conception of Polynesian culture.

After being unable to quench my thirst I head out for Polynesian Cultural Center. It encompasses an area of about 42 acres. Although it was far and took me about an hour to get there by local taxi. But the visit was a worthy one by all means.

When you reached there, the first thing you will see is the sculpture of a tribal chief welcoming you before heading towards the main gate. This gate is made of bamboo sticks and wood. Also two huge rock statues of tribal warriors standing beside the gate wearing red masks.

I’m sure watching these marvelous statues at night haunts anyone with weak nerves. You get to see the Polynesian tribal life up close and personal. There’s an artificial lake at which you can see how the tribes used bamboo canoes for transportation.

After every hour actors perform the local rituals and show a glimpse of the old ways of their ancestors. Now that Hawaiian culture has completely mixed up with the American culture, rarely do we get to see the old customs of the island.

One of the most exhilarating things is first-hand experience of Polynesian cuisine. There’s a big wooden food court where they serve all the local specialties. It turns out that the food court serves a buffet so I get to eat all I can like a blue whale.

It was the first time when I enjoyed “Poke”. It served as an appetizer and includes raw fish with sesame seeds and avocado and optionally added onions. Other delights are Manapua, Huli Huli chicken, and Loco Moco.

Having eaten all of these dishes I get to feel like this meal is enough for the next two to three days. I get the taxi back to my hotel room where I slept like a baby for the next ten hours.

Finally, the day came when I had to leave for my hometown. Leaving such outstanding memories behind and going back makes me feel sad. I had never imagined that an unplanned excursion can be so good. And writing a descriptive essay on my Hawaiian experience was the best one.

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