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Custom Hair Spray Boxes at Wholesale Rate

Boost hair spray business with custom packaging

The hair spray is now part of daily routine and equally popular among men and women. They are used to intensify hair volume, keep hair in place, and control fizziness for the whole day. Due to such benefits, many manufacturers sell hair spray boxes in different designs to boost their business. Choose us as your packaging partner if you want to boost your business with custom packaging. We provide you best service, excellent packaging tools, printing techniques etc., at budget-friendly rates without extra charges.

Get a flat discount on a range of custom spray boxes 

Do you want more than economical rates at custom spray boxes? Then confirm your order right now at www.iCustomboxes. Thus, we offer a flat discount on all ranges of custom spray boxes wholesale. As you know, we offer a seasonal discount after a short period. Note: it’s a limited-time offer, and the ending date is not confirmed, so hurry up, don’t be late and confirm your order. 

Buy eco-friendly packaging for custom spray boxes

We all are aware of how non-environment-friendly packaging is affecting nature. If it cannot be controlled, we can face a huge loss. As responsible citizens, we must take the initiative for nature’s safety because we don’t have planet B. Do you think the same, then emit non-friendly packaging from your life and use eco-friendly instead? For that initiative, we are with you. Thus, we provide 100% nature-free packaging material which benefits your business. 

Material guidelines for custom spray boxes

  1. Cardboard material

The cardboard material boxes are more economical than all the packaging materials. They are easy to customize and print in any shape and design. You can use cardboard material boxes for regular packaging.

  2. Kraft material

The Kraft material boxes are highly durable and feasible. They are available in white shades in bleached and brown in non-bleached forms. You can customize these boxes in any shade and style.

  3. Rigid material

Nowadays, subscription boxes are the new trend to advertise any business socially. If you need premium quality subscription boxes, customize them with rigid material boxes. They are available in both (collapsible and non-collapsible forms. But remember one thing they are not economical like other packaging materials are.

  4. Corrugated material

The corrugated material boxes can be used for shipment purposes. You can add flutes in them according to the product box’s mass. 

Provide extra durability to the custom spray boxes with lamination and coatings

Do you want to elevate custom spray boxes for long-term use? Then we recommend you coat them with laminations or coating. With their help, the box last for a long also save from scratches, humidity and other environmental factors. Besides that, the lamination and coatings seal the printing surface. Due to that, the ink does not spread out. Also, the box looks two times more graceful and intensified.

Customize spray boxes with detailed descriptions

Do you want people to know why your spray formula is better than others? Or do you want to impress people through your spray ingredients? Then customize the box with a detailed description. For that, you need to send us all the information about the product, including ingredients, precautions, manufacturing and expiry date etc. Our designing experts will customize it with the box design in the correct font and shade you will ask us for.

Which box style is perfect for the spray bottles packaging

The straight and tuck end box style would be best for the spray bottle packaging. As you know, the thing is possible with iCustomBoxes. You can choose others too. You can use two-piece, sleeve and tray box styles for the promotional or subscription boxes.

Get a free 3D or 2D sample for custom spray boxes

Are you working first time with us? Want surety about our packaging material, press etc.? You can get a free 2d or 3d kit from us with zero production charges. And you will avoid late dispatching issues with us. We always deliver at the time we claim.

Turnaround Time

8 Business Days (Rush) to print and dispatch

12 Business Days (Standard), to print and dispatch

Why choose iCustomBoxes

  1. We provide you with exceptional packaging at economical rates without extra charges
  2. We offer raw and specified sampling kits for customer facility
  3. We dispatch your order within the time we commit
  4. We have the advanced and first-class printing machines
  5. We provide you with eco-friendly and durable material

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