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GST Suvidha Kendras – What are They and How to Open it?

The goods and services tax network which is also GSTN has provided private licenses to the people to operate GST Suvidha providers which enabled anybody to set up a GST Center of their own. 

In this blog we will be telling you about the gst kendra as well as will also let you know how you could open a center of your own, so if you are keen to learn about it then you should not waste time and should continue reading the blog. 

GST Suvidha kendra – What are they?

The GST Suvidha Kendra is an online gateway that provides assistance to small and medium businesses, individuals as well and retailers who have their turnover of more than 20 lakhs in filing their GST returns on time that too at lower fees. 

These kinds emerged to help the people as they were facing difficulty in coping with the new tax trend where all the taxes got included in one. 

Eligibility for opening a GST Suvidha kendra for people – 

If you are planning to open a gst Suvidha kendra then you need to be eligible for it and to check that you can go through the eligibility criteria which have been mentioned for you below. 

It is necessary that you have citizenship in India and you should also have a graduation degree as well. 

Besides this, you need to be aware of the basics of the internet, computer, business, accounting, and other things. 

Familiarity with MS Excel is also required, and opening the center space of around 100 to 150 sq meters is also essential. 

You must have a printer or a scanner, two computers a stable internet connection, and your identity proof such as PAN, Aadhar, etc. 

Setting up a GST Suvidha kendra of your own using the steps mentioned below –

Using the steps mentioned below you will be able to set up a gst Suvidha kendra franchise so make sure to perform them accurately. 

You need to select a company first which will offer you the franchise and when you are on the site of the company you are supposed to fill out the form which is given thereby putting in all the required information. 

After submitting the application you should wait, and if all your details satisfy them, they will approve your application and will allow you to pay the fee associated with the franchise. 

Soon after you are done paying the fee you will be able to begin your gst kendra at any eligible location that suits you. 

Benefits you will get for opening a GST franchise of your own  

There are several benefits that you can get by opening a gst Suvidha Centre such as you can earn up to Rs. 40,000 each month and marketing, as well as technical support, will be provided to you by the vendor.

Additionally, to start this business you will not need to invest a lot of money hence investment cost is less which will make you earn a profit. 

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