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Get the best blind installation in Dubai?

There is a silent killer prowling in our homes that should be a real concern for many parents but is largely overlooked and even unfamiliar to even the most safety-conscious and protective parents. As we upgrade our homes, we consider color schemes, furniture coordination, soft furnishings, and the list goes on.

We’re working to raise awareness of the safety precautions that need to be taken while installing window coverings in our homes, as well as to inform and advocate for parents about the dangers of lengthy window blind ropes with loops at the end. Ignorance is not bliss since failing to take safety precautions might result in your child losing their life. A curious, active youngster or toddler could accidentally suffocate by wrapping a loose cable or chain around their neck.

The incident of mother and son with the home blinds 

On January 7th, 2019, a woman came out of the bedroom to prepare her 3-year-old son a snack while they were both at home. The youngster ascended to the top bunk bed and hung from the cords of the blinds. As the strings tightened, he started to down the ladder. Panicking, he tried to cry for assistance, but nothing came out. He tried to free the cables by scratching them, but all he could grab was flesh. He leaped to escape during his final attempt to break free, and that exact jump saved his life by causing the ropes to break and releasing him.

These sad events do happen sometimes, which is why all of our blinds installations in Dubai are created to meet UK safety regulations, are placed with a safety tag if the user does not want a child safety device installed, or have a mechanism in place to stop such an awful incident from happening. Therefore, it’s crucial to create a secure home environment and implement safety measures in order to prevent injuries and fatalities from blind cord strangulation.

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How can you have the safe installation of blinds and protect your children? 

There are some of the following things that you can do to secure your family member and children. 

Automated Security and protection 

Our selection of motorized window blinds offers fantastic features for your comfort along with safety and power for your house. Your everyday life is made more stylishly convenient, and you can relax knowing that your youngster is protected. You can enjoy and operate your window blinds with only a tap on a remote control rather than fiddling with the cables. For a better and safer living, go automated!

Safety in blinds in Dubai 

If you have children, you are aware of how curious they are and how they will get into everything, therefore if you thought that hiding the wires at the top of your window blinds would do the trick, we regret to inform you that you were in error. Our selection of cordless blinds for Cellular or Honeycomb blinds is very simple to use; all you have to do is simply pull down or push up, and the lack of cables would completely remove the possibility of a kid or pet strangling.

Safety Equipment in blind installation in Dubai

For various reasons, like as the home’s design or the size and layout of the furnishings, we frequently run across situations where our clients’ window coverings cannot be cordless. In these situations, we advise our clients to install safety measures along with their window coverings. Safety is a top priority for Quality blind installation, therefore we included these safety features expressly to keep wires from hurting anyone. We have cleats, which resemble tiny fittings and are fastened to the wall next to the window blinds, where you may wrap the excess cable to keep it out of your kids’ reach.

Protecting Children Is Crucial

Since no parent wants to consider or picture their kid being hurt or in danger, Quality Blinds strongly advises all parents to adopt preventive safety steps and safeguard their child’s safety within the home.

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