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Follow This Step-By-Step Guide to Make the Most of Your Time and Clean Your House Like a Pro

Follow this step-by-step guide to maximize your time and clean your house efficiently. This method will keep you focused while speeding up the task at hand!

Put everything in its proper place! Keep all of your cleaning supplies organized in a caddy, bucket or tote to make finding them easier while working.

1. Go Room to Room

Cleaning room by room makes it much simpler and faster to finish the task at hand!

Start by cleaning up the floor. Begin by clearing away anything that doesn’t belong in the room – such as trash, paper, books and pens – before placing them into their respective bins.

Next, start by making the bed. Your messy sheets won’t give any satisfaction of making any progress! After this step is complete, use a duster and all-purpose cleaner on any surfaces to wipe down, thus clearing away dust, drink rings, or sticky substances quickly and effectively!

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2. Keep Everything in One Place

Have all the tools needed for the task at your fingertips. That way, cleaning will go faster and be more effective – no wasted time searching for tools or deciding what they belong in (toss, donate or keep).

Keep like items together so they’re easier to locate, and put everything back where it belongs as soon as you use it – this makes clean up much simpler for all members of your household, while helping prevent clutter from building up.

3. Pick Up the Clutter

Clutter can be more than a mere visual nuisance; it can leave you feeling helpless and out-of-control.

Once you’ve decluttered, it’s essential that any leftover clutter be eliminated quickly so as to avoid backsliding and maintain the tidy appearance of your home.

If you decide to donate something, schedule a pickup or dropoff immediately so as to prevent you from bringing the item back into your home or letting it pile up in storage again. Also try picking items up as you use them so as to minimize clutter by placing or wiping down when finished using them.

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4. Don’t Overdo It

Cleaning can become an endless cycle if left to its own devices, but there are ways to break free. Start by organizing yourself and setting limits on what needs to be accomplished each day. Set timers on more complex tasks; this will help focus on them and see what can be accomplished within a set period of time. Finally, make cleaning fun – listen to an upbeat podcast or listen to music genres you enjoy when cleaning for quicker chore completion and greater enjoyment!

Rather than feeling overwhelmed by all the work to be done, seek assistance from friends or hire professional cleaners – more hands make lighter work!

5. Do a Weekly Deep Clean

An effective deep clean requires patience, so to speed things along it’s advisable to schedule regular tasks as part of your weekly cleaning schedule – for instance, wipe down and disinfect doorknobs daily, dust surfaces every week and sweep or mop your floors on an ongoing basis.

Maintain an emergency kit of supplies like telescoping poles to help reach hard-to-reach places like behind refrigerator coils and appliances. Perform regular deep cleans to address out-of-sight spaces that become laborious to manage over time and shorten household items’ lives.

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