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Flowers for Valentine’s Day: the Classics

A Bouquet That Reflects This Romantic day
Maybe flowers aren’t a fundamentally necessary prerequisite to the gifts you give your lady on Valentine’s Day, but they’re exceptionally close. Ladies expect you to do something. Chocolates, jewelry, and huge stuffed toys are designed with the latest techniques to be softer than a chinchilla; these are all good choices. Flowers may still be better.

Especially if you get your special someone a big, loud, beautiful bouquet, one with an aroma that’s spicy and unique, you can expect to make a good impression. Following we’ll briefly explore a few “classic” Valentine’s Day flower options like roses, as well as a few unexpected “classics”, to help you make the best choice.

1. Roses, Tulips, and Maybe an Exotic Twist
Red roses and red tulips are some of the most classic Valentine’s Day bouquet options, but you don’t necessarily have to choose one over the other. You have the option of mixing and matching a little bit. Maybe half the bouquet is tulips, and half of it is roses. Maybe you add in some violets, or something a bit exotic like wisteria.

2. White Asiatic Lilies
Lillies are gorgeous, white Asiatic lilies have an exotic quality that definitely includes a certain level of romance inherently. You can pick some of these up for an existing bouquet, or you can put together a bouquet of these flowers specifically.

3. White Roses
Like white Asiatic lilies, these flowers have a beautiful, refined quality that definitely ticks all the “classic” boxes on your Valentine’s Day checklist, while simultaneously evincing a certain modern sensibility. White roses are a good option if you’re in a relationship that combines aspects of the “old world” with the “new”.

4. Accents: Adding Mums or Thistle or Safari Sunset Conebush
Again, roses are the most archetypal floral option for Valentine’s Day. The way you “jazz up” your roses is what makes the bouquet you put together unique. Mums and thistles are excellent additions, as is safari sunset conebush. Specifically, these floral options are best for pink and purple rose arrangements

5. Classic Rejection of Traditional Floral Arrangements
Another “classic” move is deliberately making steps that buck trends. Valentine’s Day has been for all couples of all backgrounds over many generations. Some couples are more traditional than others. Accordingly, “classic” bouquets also include deliberate steps outside the box-to-buck tradition. For example, the goth lady might like artificially black roses.

Another move in this vein may be, instead of getting a bouquet, acquiring one super expensive flower that isn’t cut but is potted. Some tulips and orchids are worth more than $5k. Even if the bloom is from an older time—or perhaps especially if this is the case—the costly novelty of such a delicate flower will make the intended impression.

Leaning Into the “Classics” of Valentine’s Day Bouquets
Rejecting traditional floral arrangements, leaning into expensive individual flowers, and adding accents like mums or thistle or safari sunset cone bush can be a good move.

Also, exploring white roses, white Asiatic lilies, roses, tulips, and exotic options; these are all fine “classic” flower options for Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, at minimum, these suggestions help you find the best option for your lady.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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