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8 Useful Apps For Small Businesses

While running any small business, you might sometimes become overwhelmed by the various tasks you are supposed to undertake. Due to this, most businesses find themselves lacking productivity. But there is no need to worry if this is happening to you; there are various applications for small businesses you can utilize to help you manage your business and increase various aspects of the business. 

It will help you manage and streamline the business tasks you have to undergo. In the article below, we have listed a few of the applications which are key to any small business operator. The applications will make life easier for you as a new business owner.

Scanner App

Scanner app is a mobile application that makes the task of scanning and sending documents on the go. The free application encompasses a portable scanner that lets you convert images from jpeg to pdf format. The application makes sharing documents with your employees simple and easier. If you have been asking yourself what app do small businesses need? Then this application does not fall short as it has made it to the list. The only shortcoming of this application is that it is only available on ios; if you are an android user, you should try camscanner instead, which is similar to the scanner application.


It is an application that helps small business owners to handle their teams’ payrolls, taxes and benefits. You can locate it in the App store and Google play. What the app essentially does is that it helps you sort through private, state and federal resources to help you find loans, grants and credits for your small enterprise. All that is required from you is that you answer a few questions provided by the website, answering you will automatically get a link to download the application.

To-Do App

A to-do app is a task management application. You can easily synchronize the application across various devices; the application can operate on different software programs to work on your android, windows and mac devices. It allows you to create a simple list of things to do and share the list among your various employees. If you have ever found yourself pondering what are the five basic business applications? The to-do app is definitely among those five basic applications.


While undertaking various small business tasks, you might often be overwhelmed by various business calls. It may often lead you to forget important things discussed in the business. That is why you need icall. It is a call recorder application. Its main function is recording calls for you so you can refer to them later. While most of the call recorder applications come with premium payments, numerous ones have a free trial for their users. There is no need to worry for iPhone users since a call recorder app iPhone is available. The phone recorder iPhone is available on the app store for easy download and setup. All the applications are automatic call recorders; you download and set up the application. All the rest of the applications will take care of it independently.


Square is one of the best applications available when making payments for small businesses. The application is completely free; you download and set it up. It has a free reader that allows you to swipe credit cards. The reader can be attached to your phone or other device and gives you the ability to process your payments easily. The application deducts 2.75% from all your credit card transactions; you will also have to pay a little extra to get a reader that accepts contactless and chip cards. The application is, however, only available on the app store.


If you wonder what is the best app to promote your business? Then Dash is the answer. It is a digital asset that is perfect for marketing small enterprises. It makes managing a website easier due to its artificial intelligence tagging mechanism. And also, when it comes to costing, Dash is one of the most easily affordable marketing options available in the market.


In case you have been encountering difficulties in taking notes during meetings. Evernote is a great addition to your arsenal. It is a notebook that allows you to dictate, organize, and track your ideas and documents digitally. It can also take notes when it comes to client calls. It does not require any internet connection for it to operate. The only shortcoming is that it is only available in the app store.


It is an application for small business owners who are constantly traveling and do a lot of traveling. It keeps track of your trip and alerts you about any changes that may affect you. It even helps you find the best seats on various flights as you plan to travel. After you have made your travel plans, you must email your details, and the application will automatically create an itinerary for you. It will automatically organize your schedule for you no matter your choice of bookings. The application is available on google play.

We hope the article will be of aid as you start your small enterprise. Also, it would help if you always remembered to use icall to record all your business calls.

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