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How to Fix App Store Not Working on Mac Monterey in 2022? 

Many users are reporting the issue of the App Store not responding on Mac Monterey. This is causing a problem for a lot of users. When you need an application and the App Store won’t let you access it, it can be a very frustrating situation.  

But before trying other methods of this issue, you need to check if you are connected to the internet on your Apple device. Make sure you are connected to a WiFi that has the best cable plans or a comparable service. It is because in most cases, no access to App Store is because of internet connection problems.  

To help you get out of it, you can try the fixes mentioned in this article. 

Fix Time and Date Settings 

If an Apple device has a problem with its time or date, the device owner will not be able to access the App Store. It can happen even when a device is set on set automatically time and date settings. For whatever reason your date and time are incorrect, go and manually fix it on your device. Also, you can select the automatically select option. After setting to the current date and time, try to open the App Store again.  

Mac App Store

To fix date and time issues, you can head to Apple Menu and then click on Systems Preferences, and then click on date and time. Further, click on the set automatically option.

Force Quit and Start App Store Again 

Sometimes App Store may crash or become unresponsive for any reason. In this case, you will be stuck on a blank white screen. One way to solve this problem is by force quitting the application and again launching it. Usually, it fixes the problem of an eternal white screen and takes you to the usual Appstore interface.  

To force quitting your Mac, close the store and click on the Apple icon at the top menu then quit App.  

Sign Out and Sign in Again in Mac Store 

Your App Store may keep loading or show a blank white screen when there is some problem with your Apple account. You can solve this problem by simply signing out from the App, and then signing in back again. If you still face the same white screen, try signing in with another Apple account to see whether the problem is with the account.  

To sign out from App Store, click on the Apple icon on the top menu and click on it. Then, tap store and then click on sign out.  

Start Mac with Safe Mode  

The Safe Mode in Mac identifies and resolves software issues with your device. So, entering the safe mode may get you back in the App Store.  

For using your Mac in Safe Mode, you need to turn your device off. When you start your Mac again, hold Command and R simultaneously then you will enter the login screen with Safe Mode written on it. Enter the device with your password and check whether the white screen problem has gone or not.  

Update Your Mac App Store

Another fix you can try is to check whether your Mac has the newest OS update. Apple devices that may have not been in use for a while can be on a previous update. So, it is better to check and update your device to enter. 

You can check the software update version by clicking on the Apple icon and then on About this Mac. Find the Software Update button. This will update your device to the newest OS version. Try entering App Store again after the update.  

Check for Apple’s Downtime 

Sometimes the problem may not be with your device, account, or anything from your end. It could be because of some server-side issues. Such problems are not in your hands. However, these issues usually occur once in a blue moon. And Apple is usually quick to resolve such issues from its end. You can confirm such problems by accessing App Store from some other device.  

Quick Recap 

There are many ways to troubleshoot the white screen error on Store. You can fix the time and date, force quitting the application, sign in again, update your Mac, and by using it in Safe Mode. These fixes can help you enter the application.  

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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