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Find out what  is ADHD/ADD and how it affects you and your loved ones:

ADHD/ADD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder. ADHD/ADD is a common mental health disorder that generally affects children. It is a neurodevelopmental disorder usually diagnosed in childhood that can last until adulthood and beyond. ADHD/ADD affects people’s behavior in numerous ways. If not treated initially, the condition can lead to more intense medical, social, and personal problems.

Do you know the two main types of ADHD Symptoms

There are two main types of ADHD Symptoms:

  1. Inattentiveness type
  2. Hyperactivity and Impulsiveness

Inattentiveness is one of the main symptoms of ADHD. People having ADHD/ADD find it challenging to concentrate and focus. Some other ADHD symptoms related to inattentiveness include having short attention spans, losing things, inability to listen and hold a conversation, failure to carry out simple instructions, inability to perform time-consuming tasks, and making careless mistakes. Book now, speak to a Telehealth ADHD/ADD expert and start your journey to full recovery.

Whether you require an expert’s analysis, medication prescription, or medical certificates, Telehealth offers all you need.

Do your children behave in a Hyperactive or Impulsive way?

The second type of common ADHD symptom is called hyperactivity and impulsiveness. Some everyday actions include their elaborate physical movement, inability to stand still, extremely low concentration spans, not thinking before acting, fidgeting frequently, unnecessary talking, having no sense of danger, and failure to wait for their turn. If you or your relatives show hyperactivity and impulsiveness, get yourself/them the help needed by speaking to our excellent professionals at Telehealth over a short phone call.

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Does ADHD cause Bedwetting in Children?

Children with ADHD/ADD are three times as likely to face the problem of bedwetting as compared to other kids, as both bedwetting and ADHD are linked to an underdeveloped part of the central nervous system.

If your children show any ADHD symptoms mentioned above, do not perceive this as usual behavior. Contact Telehealth doctor instantly and consult an experienced professional. Get the desired help you and your children need to minimize and eradicate ADHD/ADD.

Do Adults have ADHD/ADD?

ADHD symptoms are difficult to locate and define in adults. There is a lack of research regarding ADHD in adults. There is a general belief that it cannot be develope amongst adults; however, the symptoms of childhood can continue to prosper if not treat properly and can be found in adults.

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Find out the ADHD Symptoms in Adults below

Adults tend to show more inattentiveness as compared to impulsiveness or hyperactivity.

Some common ADHD symptoms found in adults are unstable and quick temper, failure to cope with stress, anxiety, and agitation, lack of attention to detail, inability to complete tasks before starting new ones, impatience, carelessness, and taking risks concerning personal safety, interrupting conversations, forgetting and losing belongings and mood swings.

Telehealth offers state-of-the-art practitioners that you can consult about ADHD symptoms, medications, and tests. So book now and get the expert’s opinion on your condition through a simple phone call.

Which ADHD/ADD symptoms do grown women show?

ADHD in women can lead to dangerous medical, social, and personal problems. Women are often accurately diagnose with ADHD between the ages of 35 and 45. 

A large portion of their ADHD symptoms is related to inattentiveness. Some common problems face by women with ADHD are inability to manage time, finding it difficult to have an organize work or personal life, lifelong anxiety and depression, being easily overwhelme, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, poor money management, etc. Get an expert’s opinion on ADHD in women by making a simple phone call to one of our practitioners at Telehealth.

Do you know the difference between ADD and ADHD?

There is a fundamental difference between ADD and ADHD. ADD, also known as Attention Deficit Disorder, is one of the types of ADHD. This ADD refers only to the inattentiveness type of ADHD. Symptoms are inability to focus, disorganization, failure to follow simple instructions, poor working memory, extremely low concentration spans, inability to perform longer tasks, etc. Understanding various ADHD/ADD symptoms and their types can be complicate for you. That’s why you need the help of Telehealth’s experienced practitioners to understand the difference between ADD and ADHD. So book a phone call now and familiarize yourself with the ADD symptoms. 

Can you carry out an ADHD Test or ADD Test yourself?

ADHD Tests are of several kinds that examine your ADHD diagnoses in adults and children.

ADHD Psychiatrists often carry out four types of adult ADHD tests that include;

  1. Interviews of the patient with their family members and teachers
  2. Watching and observing the child or adult
  3. Psychological tests
  4. Questionnaires to define the intensity of the symptoms

Hence, we recommend you consult an experienced practitioner that Telehealth can arrange for you.

Find out the 5 Most Commonly used ADHD Medications:

Taking ADHD Medication is not a permanent cure but can limit the effects of ADHD temporarily. The medicines mention below are the five most frequently use medicine in ADHD treatment.

  1. Methylphenidate
  2. lisdexamfetamine
  3. dexamfetamine
  4. atomoxetine
  5. guanfacine

Where to get test for ADHD in Australia?

ADHD Psychiatrists are available in Melbourne and across Australia to perform ADHD Adult Tests and children. One of the best ADHD clinics is the Darwin ADHD Clinic, established in Australia, which provides ADHD consultation, tests, and medication. Telehealth offers you simple phone call consultations from the comfort of your bedroom. So book now and start your journey on the path of recovery.

Have you ever heard of the ADHD Iceberg?

Inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness are merely the tip of the ADHD Iceberg that people see and examine. The hidden part of the iceberg contains the suffering caused by ADHD/ADD, i.e., poor sleep, depression, OCD, anxiety, low self-esteem, mood swings, poor relationship management, sensory issues, and much more.

Do not resort to the controversial ADHD chiropractic care; contact Telehealth and let the experienced professionals examine your condition. Whether you require an expert’s analysis, medication prescription, or medical certificates, Telehealth offers all you need.

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