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Find Duplicate and Similar Images

Technological advancement is proving itself to be a great help to us. Every passing day, we see the invention of new technology and getting benefits from it. But where on one side, technology is providing us with benefits, on the other, it is causing various headaches for us too. Let’s take an example of social media platforms. Isn’t it making us able to communicate with our far-off families and make new Online friends? Etc. We can even use these platforms as advertisements and grow our business or profession. But all these things get applied if we take a positive approach. But what if things turn out to be negative?

For instance, You are a photographer. You are using technology to grow your profession. You post your captured Images. But what if any other person or source is using your pictures illegally? It breaks your heart that you tried hard to reach where you are now. But what have you got from social media? Your Images are getting used by someone like that, and he’s taking the credit for the things in getting whom you have been on a roll for such a long period.

So, Are you, too, suffering from the anxiety of your Images getting stolen by some other person or site? Let’s not worry about it anymore because technological advancement has made this thing accessible for you too. Now you can search for Duplicated or Similar Images using Reverse Image Search in no time. No one will be able to copy your content from you; even if they have, you can catch them easily.

How to find Duplicate and Similar Images Online using Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search has been considered the most authentic method for searching duplicate and Similar Images. You can get the most related results you are searching for.

Basically, Reverse Image Search is a process of searching by Image. You have an image you captured and want to find the plagiarized or copyrighted Images. You should know that searching manually can help you no more. From 500 million sites, how will you be able to find the one containing your Images? You never can. So, stop wasting time there.

You can only find the Duplicated and Similar Images by Reverse Image Search. Going into a little more depth about Reverse Image Search, You can use it on Google and many other Search Engines. Various tools are also being introduced to make searching by Image easy.

Let’s discuss how you can search by Image using Google.

Process of Reverse Image Search

To find similar and Duplicated Images, follow the following steps;

●     Go to https://reverseimagesearch.com.

●     Click on the camera sign in the search box.

●     Upload your Picture.

●     Search for it.

You will get various results; some of them will show wholly Duplicated Images, and others will show Similar Images with different Sizes and Dimensions. You will also get sources of the Images.

 Other uses of Reverse Image Search:

Reverse Image Search has various other benefits of searching by Image. People do not use it only to find Duplicate Images and catch scammers. You can even use Reverse Image Search to search for Images you liked, whether to compare your Images with others or to find Images in different sizes. So, Reverse Image Search is not limited to finding Duplicate Images only.

You have seen a puppy on the road and have taken its picture. You can even learn about its breed, search for Images of Similar Puppies, and get information about it.


It is not easy to find your Images online when Google and every Search engine is a mess. Still, when it comes to your profession, career, and sometimes your passion for something. You cannot prevent yourself from finding one. 

Even then, If you go with manual searching, Things will only get complicated, and you will not be able to find the Images you are searching for. A reverse Image Search is the best option for this problem. You can search for any Duplicated or Similar Images. You can find copies of every search Image and get desired results, whether it is related to personal or professional matters.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan CEO at blogili.com. Have 4 years of experience in the websites field. Uneeb Khan is the premier and most trustworthy informer for technology, telecom, business, auto news, games review in World.

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