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How to find Images Online

Often, you want to gain specific information related to a topic, business, any actor, or things like it, and you search by putting the name of the things on google.

 Sometimes you feel that you have an image, and you want to know certain things related to the Image, whether it is the source of the Image, its copyright issues, or any other information related to the Image.

So, what can you do about it? To make things clear, let us tell you that there are various tools, sites and even google itself that can search the specific Image for you. This process has been referred to as Reverse Image Search.

You have to take an image, whether it is some Image captured by you or if you want to know details related to another Image. Put it in the search box, and you will get results and similar content in Google or any other tool you use.

What Results can you get?

If you have put an Image in the search box, you can get the following results related to the Image;

●     Results related to the Object of the Image. For instance, If you have an Image of a dog, you will get results of various dogs’ Images. In contrast, If the object is a cat, you will get Images of cats.

●     You can find Images looking alike. For Instance, Of what breed is the dog whose Image you have put? You will get the most results related to the same breed of dog. If it is an Image of a building, You will get results of matching buildings.

●     Details of the Website. Whether any other website uses the same Image, you have searched. If it is an Image you have clicked, who else has access to it or using it?

Most used Browsers for searching an Image other than Google:

Reverse Image Search is a process you can apply on various other Browsers. Even though Google is considered the top search engine, there are numerous countries where access to Google is not allowed, or if you prefer other browsers. You can use these instead of Google;

●     Chrome.

●     Firefox.

●     Safari.

●     Edge.

How to search an Image Online:

To search for an Image Online on Search by Image, you have to follow the following process;

●     Open searchbyimage.org

●     Go to the search box where you search.

●     You will see a sign on the camera and a voice note.

●     You have to select the sign of the camera.

●     When you click on the sign of the camera, you will see your Images files.

●     Select the file or Image you want to choose.

●     Click it and search for it. You will get related images, sites, or results.

Searching with a URL:

You can even search the URL of an Image rather than the Image file. The process of searching a URL is quite the same. For searching a URL, you have to follow the following process;

●     Once again, after starting your computer, open Google.

●     Go to the Web browser or search box.

●     You need to go to the Website to download an image or copy the URL.

●     If you already have the Image or URL of the Image, you need to paste it into the search box.

●     If you want to copy the URL of a specific Image, Right-click on the Image.

●     Click on Copy Image Address.

●     Again go to Google Images.

●     Paste the URL of the Image after clicking on the sign of the camera.

●     You can post the link in the search box as well.

If you are using any other browser, you will not get the link saved to use afterward, but if you are searching for an Image on Google, you will get suggestions afterward, to make the search more accessible.


Whether you are searching for an Image on Google, or any other browser, Website, or tool, it is not a tiresome or complicated thing to do. The process is easy to learn. Once you have learned it, you can get various benefits of Reverse Image Search.

 You can search for Images you are not clear about. You can search to view whether anyone has copyrighted your work or not. You can debunk fake Images and many other benefits you can get by the following process.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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