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What Are the Best Features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Unquestionably, CRM is one of the most demanded and leading CRM software solutions. Considering the importance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, its features are updated regularly, and many people are realising the refined features of this app.

What is Microsoft Dynamic CRM?

CRM refers to customer relationship management. Microsoft Dynamic CRM improves the interaction and nature of a business between the business organization and its customers, through its category of integrated data-driven software solutions. Microsoft CRM Software is best known to manage the track sales leads, marketing, pipeline, deliver actionable data and maintain customer relationships. Various communication channels such as emails, live chat, marketing materials, social media, and from a company’s website are some of the different ways from which CRM software collects data.

Why Microsoft CRM Software?

CRM Solutions emphasize on letting a person focus on building a relationship and helping in maintaining that relationship, also increase a person’s profitability by streamlining administrative processes in your sales, marketing, and service division.

Subsequently, crucial to developing, improving, and retaining your customer relationships is stored in a strong CRM solution which is a multifaceted platform.

However, a company might neglect a growth opportunity and lose revenue as they would not be optimizing their operating processor making the most of their customer relationships or sales leads, which would be completely possible without the support of an integrated CRM solution.

Consequently, either the small startup businesses looking for growth or the flourishing industries looking for long-term solutions might benefit from a CRM solution system.

It is possible to automate the IT management burden off the employers by improving the most complex customer engagement with a selection of CRM tools to fit a business organization scale respectively via Microsoft CRM software.

Microsoft CRM solutions is in practice by social media networking, call centers, contact-center automation, location-based services, and business-to-business transactions. Moreover, the CRM system could be improved within the firm through analyzing the information and employee training.

11 Best features of Microsoft Dynamic CRM

There are several of the best features of Microsoft Dynamic CRM that could benefit a startup company specifically and a booming organizational business in particular.

Smart Search

Smart search helps in finding out all the records, informational knowledge, contacts, stored prospects, and templates. An organizational business could save a lot of time, as the intelligence behind the smart search could support more than one work team. Microsoft Dynamics CRM could easily dig out all the information that an organization is looking for and is not able to find it.


Mobility of CRM allows the company’s representative to access all the contacts, leads, information and activities while on the road. A complete sales channel is being given to the managers and allows them to obtain real-time customer services.

Smart Sales Insight

Smart sales insight aims at giving intelligent and complete information to its users. A greater amount of data from CRM focuses on opportunities and trends for the growth of customer accounts is often analyzed by insight features.

Moreover, it is possible to receive the relevant information at any given time with the analytical algorithms which are offered by Dynamics 365. The assistant would lead through routine priorities and aims to keep in control of your opportunities by analyzing the communication and activities.

Outlook 365 email integration

CRM solutions allows an organization to access the LinkedIn profiles daily along with documenting your LinkedIn messages and sending emails using LinkedIn Sales Manager. LinkedIn sales manager also helps in highlighting and recommending the LinkedIn profiles that look similar to that of the client’s profiles which could be helpful in the long-term. 

Customer services dashboard

Customer services dashboard is significant in instantly giving access to directors about the request status and priority case. It is also helpful in directing the areas of improvement for an organization and suggesting them next steps based on customer experience. 

Advance Finding Records

Advance finding records is itself self-explanatory as the name suggests. It helps in finding out the complex records in a user-friendly way. To illustrate it further, you will get what is expected by typing ‘customers where City = New York and Last Modified in the Last 5 days”.

Azure Machine Learning

Azure machine learning is another Microsoft artificial intelligence-based tool of a CRM software. It helps in recommending relative blogs, articles, and other prospects.

Improved business workflow

An easy drop and drag interference is possible in enhanced business workflow of CRM. For various security roles to allow users to modify any time, companies can make different business process flows.

CRM Activities

Interactions with customers like emails, phone calls and appointments are part of the activities which are carried out in the Microsoft CRM 365. 

Excel and Word Templates

Microsoft contains the vast bionetwork of word and excel portfolios. An individual could generate the documents with one click from any CRM record and prepare the professional looking word templates with placeholder for CRM data.

Relationship Assistance

Both Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence plays a greater part in development and making products smarter than before. Relationship assistance is getting instant access to actionable insight about the opportunities, contacts and accounts based on previous interactions with the clients which is provided when a person goes to a customer’s profile in the sales app.

Final Thoughts

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is significant in the world of business, trade, corporate law, finance, accounting, corporate governess, and economics. For several years CRM has played the part of a responsible and valuable app for building a deeper and meaningful relationship between a company and its customer.

Subsequently, this app would be perfect for both startup businesses and massive industries for catering their needs in a suitable way. CRM consists of the best features such as excel and word templates, smart search, mobility, smart sales insight, customer dashboard, Outlook 365 email integration, Advance finding records, Azure machine learning, improved business workflow, CRM activities and relationship assistance which makes Microsoft Dynamic more desirable to use.

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Uneeb Khan
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