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Digital Marketing: What are the basic types of Marketing?

Whether it’s a marketing book, a website, or a YouTube channel, it starts with marketing? How we can miss this before starting the discussion on Digital marketing. We will use daily examples to explain marketing.

For example:

#1 You are at home, and when the call comes, you answer the ring, and you find out that there is a call from the insurance company and they are offering that if you signup for this package today, we will give you a 20% discount. Is the question that are they doing a marketing job?

#2 You often visit shopping malls or markets, you will see different types of people standing there selling something, buy two get one free, like this. Is the question that are they doing marking?

If you think they both are doing marking, you are 100% right; both are doing marketing jobs. In the first example, the insurance company is doing a marketing job through technology, and second, they are selling a marketing job. Let’s take a look at the marketing definition.

What is Marketing?

Marketing consists of 5 processes creating, communicating, delivering, exchanging, and offering. Creating means making, sharing means informing, providing means transferring something from one place to another, exchanging means taking one thing over others, and offering standards offering some valuable stuff. So marketing revolves around these five processes.

What are the Five Marketing Process

Creating Value

When a company makes a product, to make this involves the company’s long process. We call this process is “Creating Value“, Marketing is the process by which a company knows what a customer wants, and with that in mind, the company is making products.

Communication Value

Marketing is the name of “communicating value” make your product, the product is excellent, but the customers don’t know what the product is like. So, first, you deliver a compelling message to customers; then, you know about your products.

Delivering Value

The third point is “Delivering value” once you make a product, then you also do the communication process then; the next issue is to deliver the product. Whether online or offline, a company must provide products and values to the right buyer or user.

Exchanging Value

The last step is critical because it gives a reward to the company and the customer. We called this step is “Exchanging values“. Now the time is selling. You sell a product and get a reward in the shape of money. You got financial resources value and the product to the customer.

Offering value

The business purpose is not only to earn money; you must earn money from selling products but are the customers satisfied? If they are met, your ambassador will grow when he gives you a loyalty star. They will tell others to buy this company’s products, and they are perfect. Your customer numbers will increase when they tell others.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a marketing process that is done with the help of technology, like marketing through the internet, social media, Emails, Phones calls, websites, search engines etc.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Did you think about how much time spend you on electronic devices? This dam true that Americans spend 11 hours on electronic devices. What are you thinking? Only 24 hours in a single day.

This is why digital marketing is more essential and productive than ever before. You can’t get success without digital marketing, and now the time is technology, and most people use electronic devices for marketing.

Here we discuss the essential types of Digital Marketing.

Types of Digital Marketing

Nine basic types of Digital Marketing are used in marketing through electronic devices.

Quality Content Marketing

Quality content marketing is the latest digital marketing that attracts the audience through quality content. The primary aim of quality content is to drive profitable customer action.

You can see that the right side is the example of traditional marketing, and the light side is advanced or digital marketing. Basic other content marketing examples are websites, blogs, videos, E-books, etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Everyone now about SEO, and there is no need to explain more, but we will know about SEO that how it is part of Digital marketing?

Organic traffic does matter in the progress of any site/business, like someone searching in Google and finding a link to buy something on your site easily, so basically, this is digital marketing.

Search Engine Marketing (Google ads)

Search engine marketing (SEM), Like you, search something in the Google search bar, and you see that there are showing some Ads sites on the top of the Google result page. These pages and sites are ads sides that the owner paid money to get the result first. This is a digital marketing type. It is the most common and popular type of digital marketing.

Social Media Digital Marketing 

Social media is a robust platform for digital marketing. But, did you think how many people connected with social media apps websites?

Social media is the right place to do digital marketing and increase sales, but you need to follow the right audiences. Some popular social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit etc.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate promoting refers to the method of paying for conversions. Consider it as hiring a salesperson for your product or service. That affiliate earns a commission. You establish the speed for affiliate promotion. You merely get conversions.

This implies there’s no direct value to affiliate promoting. Several bloggers or e-commerce websites use affiliate promotion. When you like better to use affiliate promotion, make sure that all of your terms and limits are mentioned beforehand. The affiliate represents your whole; therefore, you would like them to hold your brand’s message on the brink of them. Accept the types of words you would like the affiliate to use. Of course, you would like to create the deal work for the fellow, too.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the type of marketing in which companies do digital marketing through Emails. Often you receive messages about the new products or companies that are offering services. These are all the Email Marketing.

Mobile Phone Marketing

The mobile phone is also an electronic device that companies use for digital marketing. How are they used? Often, you receive a message from different companies telling you about new product information like discount offers.

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing or selling refers to a post of some kind that’s stylish, amusing, or strange enough to garner a massive quantity of shares online. Infectious agent selling causes a colossal spike in website traffic over a brief amount of your time. This can be laborious to try and do; however, the advantages alone create the trouble value it slow.

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