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Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know About Window Blinds.

Nowadays people are well aware of window blinds. They are indeed an impressive and mature window covering solution for years now. Huge family, from traditional roman blinds to modern-day wood blinds. Allowing the potential buyers to have a quality variety.

If in case your only concern is to just cover the window, nothing else then it is quite easy to pick a window blind for you. But if the quality and finishing are the concern then things got messy. Then you should be aware of facts or secrets that the manufacturer companies didn’t want to be known by the buyers at any cost.

So what to do? Firstly stick to this post as we are here to aware of some of the fascinating facts about window blinds that are probably unknown to you. If in case you know that then we are happy about this, you are a critical thinker.

Let’s explore some interesting facts about window blinds so you have a better understanding of the whole picture. Note: All these are our own observations.

The First-Ever Window Blind

First consider the fact, that no one knows the exact origin of these unique window coverings. Some say it’s Persia while others are good with Venice. So we are covering this around another fact that says, the majority wins authority.

The first-ever window blind type is non-other than the classic Venetian blinds. So by the name, we have clue that window blinds first appear in Venice, Italy 1794. Yes, you read it right they are hundreds of years old. But many didn’t accept that Venice and Venetian riming they still believe in a link to Persia.

What do you think are they from Venice or Persia?

There are also few but noticeable ancient Chinese window blinds. They are made of bamboo. Also, some Romans have this similarity too.

Reduce Carbon Dioxide

Your window blinds can reduce the levels of carbon dioxide by absorbing it. This is only going to work if you are having window blinds made out of natural and eco-friendly materials or fabrics. This can be achieved by using wood blinds and Venetian blinds made of wood. Wood is a natural and well-known material and everybody knows that they absorb carbon dioxide in order to emit oxygen.

So that’s how these window blinds are eco-friendly and can maintain a good level of oxygen in the place. Be aware of faux wood as it is a synthetic material made of PVC so you aren’t going to have these reduction features in faux wood.

Window Blinds And Animals

In the very beginning, window blinds have a very close relationship with animals. For that, I mean animal hides a.k.a animals skins. It is purely accepted that window blinds are made from animal skins and they are proofs so no such room for doubts there. Some discoveries are made from reeds and bamboo, these kinds of window blinds are mostly made by the Chinese and Romans.

The Beauty Of Rome

I think you reach there, yes I am talking about luxurious roman blinds. Roman blinds are made in Rome by Romans. They probably appear in the time of caesar’s empire. You surely know that roman blinds are on the list of traditional window coverings. Traditional things are high-end because they are made of natural and top-class materials or fabrics. Roman blinds are made from high-end fabrics, then and even now.

The Americans

In the early times, window blinds are not functional. Now they are one of the top and impressively functional window coverings. Ancient window blinds didn’t have those slats as modern-day window blinds have.

This credit is on the head of americans. A man named john Hampson has reported designing the first functionalized slats of Venetian blinds to revolutionize the whole picture.

The Dark Side

Window blinds are indeed the top and hottest window covering options. But there is also a dark side. Initially, window blinds are corded. This corded mechanism leads to emergency situations. Over time, there are many reported cases in which children especially are got seriously injured from the cords of window blinds. just for awareness, it is reported that over 15,000 children in early 20’s got injured from cords.

This led designers and manufacturers to think. After some time we have these modern-day cordless window blinds but corded didn’t go extinct because there are few window blinds in which cord is needed, so choose safe choose wisely as safety is more than décor.

Safety For Everyone

Everyone knows window blinds are more than just a piece of décor. They are functional so may be better for you than other window coverings. You are probably aware of the fact that window coverings are good at blocking harmful UV rays emitted by the sun.

Window blinds are also highly considerable there. But this is not an entire fact, window blinds like solar blinds and wood blinds can not only protect you and your beloved ones from UV rays but also almost all of the interior from it. UV rays are destructive enough to cause fading on your furniture. So you are probably having enough just by choosing the right window blind.

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