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FansLeap VS. FollowersBucket: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Today we’ll compare FollowersBucket with an alternative Instagram automation tool called FansLeap. What exactly is FansLeap? According to their site, FansLeap is a service that automatizes the process of liking, following and unfollowing the way a human will.” FansLeap is another alternative to other options in the event that you’re looking at or an Instagram automated service. To help you decision on which service to choose.  Let’s take a comparison analysis of FansLeap in comparison to our Growth tool for Instagram which is FollowersBucket.

When you arrive on the main page, only need to type in your email address.

You’ll be taken to the payment page, where you can select the plan you’d like to use, then click “Get Started” and you’re good to go! Congratulations, you’re a “FollowersBucket today. After that, you’ll be taken to the FollowersBucket Dashboard where you can customize your users. “With FollowersBucket, we’re able to assess the impact they make for our Instagram account, based on the engagement they generate that we’d be unable to accomplish by ourselves.”. Ryan and Andrew BeltranOriginal Grain Previous Slide Next Slide. Do you want to organically increase the number of followers on your Instagram and increase your number of followers?

FansLeap Setup

Start by going to https://FansLeap.com/ then click on ‘Register’ on the top right corner, and you’ll meet this screen. After submitting the required details and clicking “Signup,” it will ask you to confirm your email. Then, you will connect to your Instagram account after entering the Instagram username and password before being redirected directly to the FansLeap Dashboard.

FansLeap Features

This is the way FansLeap operates: You supply hashtags to identify people with specific interests, or you can use locations to target individuals who are frequent at specific locations. The FansLeap bot will attempt to mimic human behavior and follow, like, or unfollow individuals without being reported as suspicious by Instagram.

FollowersBucket Features

FollowersBucket is a full-featured app with all the functionality that FansLeap offers, plus much more! Check it out: https://followersbucket.com/buy-instagram-followers/. With FollowersBucket it is possible to target Instagram users just like yours with a committed viewers. Once you’ve identified the individuals, FollowersBucket will get the focus of that user’s committed viewers. If your page is identical to the user’s page, then a part of their fans will follow you too! This means you can increase your reach organically. Make sure you have multiple identical accounts and your followers should explode! You can also include locations or hashtags to further identify your target market. Here’s a video explaining that process even more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMLpMMLBiMs

FansLeap Filters

With FansLeap you can start automatizing your followings and likes without defining your group by turning on your option on the FansLeap Dashboard. If you decide to define your audience, you can use hashtags, locations, or any other Instagram accounts to engage with. FansLeap invites users to select popular hashtags, and sites with a high number of posts on them, as in addition to accounts with many followers. It is possible to block certain accounts or posts that use specific hashtags using their blacklist feature.

FollowersBucket Filters

FollowersBucket is focused more on connecting you to your ideal audience that is a good fit for your particular audience. Before you can begin any the process, you’ll need to select the accounts, hashtags or location you’d like us to engage with. FollowersBucket will never follow or follow accounts that aren’t directly connected to your preferences. We suggest using a middle-range accounts that have a follower count that is less than 1 million, as they typically attract a smaller audience. The same applies to hashtags and places, not too large, but also not overly small. Is FollowersBucket safe? Absolutely, FollowersBucket has an advanced targeted system that can eliminate all accounts that are spammy or unsuitable. These filters are automatically integrated into every FollowersBucket accounts:

Filtering out profanity and bad language

  • A filter for private accounts
  • Account must have been active within the last 90 days.
  • Account has to have a certain followers-to-following ratio
  • Accounts must be a particular amount of months old

Additionally, FollowersBucket clients can also add these additional filters to satisfy their particular requirements for their particular audience:

  • It is a Female Gender Filter (male/female)
  • A Non-English Speaking Filter
  • An account filter for business (if you’re a B2C business)
  • Blacklist Filter (Avoid certain people)

FansLeap Maintenance & Support

FansLeap has a page for support on their website that includes an FAQ section, more articles that describe particular features in detail and a section on known issues and a ‘how to section that includes step-by-step instructions.

FollowersBucket Maintenance and Support

FollowersBucket offers support round the clock, 24 hours a day via email and live chat. If you choose the Premium Plan, FollowersBucket offers an assigned Customer Success Manager to every customer to help them select their goals and maximize growth. Additionally, there is a helpful and complete FAQ to provide fast answers.

FansLeap Reporting

With FansLeap you are able to track each and every action performed on behalf of you. With FollowersBucket it is possible to view both high-level stats as well as individual performance on your target. In your My Followers section you will be able to look at the total amount of followers you have gained in a specific time frame Furthermore, clients can look at their own performance to find out which give them the highest return.

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