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Facebook EdgeRank Algorithm 2022 (Updated)

There are billions of people in the world of Facebook. Many businesses are targeting these billions of people, and every company wants to share its post or page with billions of people to increase its business.

Often you will have dynamo by doing these freelancing jobs, and you invested money 5000 rupees for boosting page, you think that your post will reach many people. Eventually, my client’s sales will increase, and I will become a successful digital marketerBut what happened? You wasted almost all investment, neither likes nor comments. Now you are confused that you wasted client investment and have not benefited from this investment.

What is the reason behind this? Facebook uses the Algorithm to reach posts to people, which means Facebook uses a computer formula for this purpose; this formula is called EdgeRank.

EdgeRank is the name of the Facebook post algorithm. Facebook use this formula for reaching post or advertisement to people’s news feed. If you have a few extraordinary things in ads that exist in the Facebook formula (EdgeRank), your post will reach many people compared to your competitors.

There are many selling clothes companies which exist in Pakistan and different countries. These companies want to share this post or advertisement to buy this product as much as possible. But there are various things that the Facebook algorithm uses. Before discussing these things, you need to understand the Facebook Algorithm and what it is, and how it works. 

What is EdgeRank?

EdgeRank is a Facebook algorithm that Facebook uses to determine what posts or pages should be displayed in people’s News Feeds; as of 2011, Facebook has stopped using this formula and started using the machine learning Algorithm.

According to Wikipedia:

“As of 2011, Facebook has stopped using the EdgeRank system and uses a machine-learning algorithm that, as of 2013, takes more than 100,000 factors into account.”

How does the Facebook Algorithm work in 2022?

According to the latest update, four factors are used in Facebook algorithm work. Let’s take a look at these factors:

  • Inventory: this factor is used for signifying content on the Facebook interface at all possible places. All right and left side columns include in its other newsfeed.
  • Signals: this factor is used for these things such as the type of content, the fundamental purpose of content, the status of the post.
  • Predictions: this factor is all about the user’s past behavior concerning several types of content. Suppose someone spends much time watching videos, liking and commenting, then the predictive ranking will prioritize videos for that user.
  • Score:  the score factor works similarly to the Google page rank that will help understand the new Facebook algorithm. Every post has its score according to likes, comments, and positive reactions.

What are the three Pillars of EdgeRank?

There are three pillars of EdgeRank that Facebook is used. Three pillars of EdgeRank are mentioned below:

Affinity Score

What is meant by “Affinity Score” in the Facebook Algorithm? For example, I’m a user using Facebook, and what ads should be shown on my news feeds? Firstly, Facebook sees how many of my mutual friends like this page. If there is such a page where some friends like so definitive, the ads will be shown in my news feed.

Similar Interest

Facebook calculates the affinity score on a similar interest base. For example, if I am interested in shopping and visit daily shopping-related pages, Facebook estimates that you may like more shopping-associated ads. Therefore, the shopping-related ads will be shown on my news feed, and my affinity score will be increased.


Facebook checks your history and how many pages you had like, visited, or comments in the past that have the same category that Facebook wants to show ads on my news feed.

Facebook Edge Weight

What is meant by “Edge Weight“? Facebook calculates what things are included in your posts, such as videos, text, or pictures. Most reach-in Facebook is pictures about my personal experience. Some people say that the video reach is most of all spaces. I suggest you use only images and video in your post; avoid using text.

Currently, Facebook tells you about the particular ads that the post will not reach more people than the text component is enough. Avoid using text so that the edge weight is higher, and the affinity score will be better, so your ads will appear more than others on people’s news feed.

Time Decay

You often hear that “old is gold,” in the world of Facebook advertisements, the “old is not gold.” How your regularly update your content, Facebook sees, calculates, and decides what should reach your content people or not.

Suppose you are regular posters and update your content on a joint base. In that case, your affinity score is also better. You used images instead of text, so your Algorithm in the EdgeRank score will be better, and your ads will reach better people than other businesses.


In this article, I tried to explain in simple ways; I hope you will better understand the Facebook EdgeRank Algorithm. This is an easy way to understand instead of showing computer formulas and presenting this. However, you need to keep in mind these three things that we discussed in the article, and next time you create a post, these things must be kept in your mind so that your post will reach more people.

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