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Explore the Wonderful Locales in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia in Southeast Asia is a lively tourist centre in the Malay peninsula. Its capital city, Kuala Lumpur, is located in the Western part of the peninsula, sharing borders with Thailand and Singapore. It is one of the most frequented Asian cities among tourists. It has immense natural beauty with a tropical atmosphere all year round. 

Locally referred to as KL, the city was once a site for tin mining. Today it is a well-known destination with world-class infrastructure and thriving tourist spots. Its multicultural population of indigenous people, Chinese and Indians, is a perfect place for a family outing, giving it a cosmopolitan vibe. It has a feel of the past European influence in many areas within the city. Tourists must visit the Petronas Twin Towers, and the KL Tower are two world-known icons of the city. Here we shall look at other tressures in this tourist-friendly capital city. 

Refreshing Animal Kingdom of This Tropical Destination

KL Tower Mini Zoo– Among the other happening spots in Kuala Lumpur, you must visit the zones that preserve the rich biodiversity of this region. The KL Tower Mini Zoo showcases it in a most-graceful manner. The zoo is at the ground level of the city’s well-known structure, the KL Towers. Your KL tower mini zoo ticket brings you face-to-face with some native and exotic animal species. 

There are about 50 such species spread into eight different zones. Get to see all these zones without hassles with a KL tower mini zoo ticket. It is a perfect destination for family visits with little kids. They can pet and feed the animals and birds here and take back lovely memories from this place. Tourists can easily venture into the zones Jungle view, Moonlight Shed, Birdy school, Happy Farm Village, Forest View and Pet view. 

On the KL tower mini zoo ticket, you can see the exotic animal species. Some of these are the giant tortoise, softshell turtle, albino long-tailed Macaques, white crow, and the world’s tiniest horse specie Falabella are the special exhibits here. Enjoy their company with the KL tower mini zoo ticket. Kids enjoy it the most when parrots come close to perch on their arms. Feed the cute meerkats, parakeets, bunnies and racoons with food provided within the zoo. It is bound to be a lively interaction between humans and the gentle creatures of the wild. 

KL Bird Park– Zoom into the world of these feathered friends. You will be mesmerised by the exotic varieties and their colourful plumes. The KL Bird park is a venture into eco-tourism. Here you will meet about 3000 bird species from all over the world. The four zones here have peacocks, egrets, doves and pigeons within zone one and two, named free-flight zone. The tropical settings of the enclosures make you feel within the rainforest environs. 

At zone three, meet some of the colourful hornbills. Their bright plumes and beaks with leave you enchanted in every way. See the unique varieties such as Rhinocerous Hornbill and Oriental Pied Hornbill in this exclusive zone. Zone four is an aviary section where the birds are in separate cages. 

Tourists can choose to visit places such as Aquaria KLCC to explore the marine life of this region on their nature trail in Kuala Lumpur. 

Hands-on Learning and Engagement at the Discovery Centre

Petrosains, Discovery CentreTourists are bound to visit the world-famous Petronas Twin Towers sometime during their visit to Kuala Lumpur. Among a plethora of attractions in this city centre is the Petrosian, the discovery centre. It is a science and technology museum within the Suria KLCC. The Petrosian, the discovery centre, is your fun way to explore science. The centre builds curiosity in science through eleven interactive games and fun displays for adults and kids alike. At the Petrosian, the discovery centre, explore some of science’s unrealistic and unknown facts. Learn a thing or two about future technology prospects and petroleum development through hands-on experiments and exhibits. 

Your journey into the world of science is here at the Petrosian, the discovery centre. Delve into Malaysia’s natural rainforest environs, mountains, and underwater zones at the Dark Side. Explore the space age and the region’s natural resources through various interactive games, brain teasers and fun activities. Venture here to explore the many facets of science and learn it the fun way. The Petrosian, the discovery centre, promises a day-long fun venue and calls for a visit. 

Time For Some Unique Exploration

Breakout Escape Rooms– Any tourist will love any fun and adventure on their trip to a place. All the better if such a place challenges and nudges you in a fun way. The Breakout Escape Room does just that. This indoor facility is a unique attraction in Kuala Lumpur. Indulge in a 75-minute challenge through themed zones that poke you to solve mysteries based on real-life situations. 

Visit the two venues, the NU Sentral and the Breakout Avenue K for unfolding 20 chilling adventures. You get to choose the games in each forum according to your liking. At the NU Sentral, cross the seven challenges. Try to find ways to escape with your teammates to overcome the various hurdles in these zones. 

At the Breakout Avenue K, five missions trigger you variedly. Think like a detective, solve puzzles and make quick decisions but break out and escape to avoid falling into traps. 

Take note of a word of caution. Some of the games might not be suitable for too young members of a family. So choose accordingly. Nevertheless, the fun and the thrill at the Breakout Escape Rooms is a one-of-a-kind experience in Kuala Lumpur. 

Several other theme parks and unique venues await your visit. One is the Sunway Lagoon, a popular water theme park in Kuala Lumpur. Add a fun element to your trip with this visit. 

The capital city caters to the interests of all kinds of tourists. Pick and choose the ones that suit your likes and fill the travel diaries of your memorable tour. 

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