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Get the Bridal glow -Wedding Accessories by All Eyes On U

Hello Brides to be, how are you, girls? Done finalizing your wedding outfit? Then it is high time to move one step ahead and match your wedding accessories.

Choosing your wedding accessories needs time and effort. For this, brides-to-be will be visiting every brick-and-mortar store so that they get the best accessory.  This article helps you get rid of the hassle of choosing the perfect bridal jewelry on rent.

Bridal Earrings

Beautiful earrings have the ability to accentuate your look completely taking it to another level. A very typical traditional Indian design that brides of today love wearing are ‘Jhumkas’. Besides this, chandelier earrings are also very popular. Look for pieces that are intricately designed. Although the best option is to choose a set that has a matching necklace and earrings.

Choosing Necklaces

The next piece of jewelry that comes to mind when you are looking for bridal accessories is a necklace. With plenty of imitation jewelry designs available, you have to keep in mind what is the latest trend of the season. Nowadays most brides are choosing dark green color jewelry no matter what the color of the lehenga is. Although you can wear your heirloom pieces or gifts from your mother-in-law for one of the occasions, it has to be the best for your wedding.


The best way to accentuate your wedding look is to choose jewelry that is traditional yet distinct. While necklaces and earrings are wedding staples, an armlet or ‘bajubandh’ is a must that will make your look wow.

They go beautifully with the bridal lehenga. Before purchasing it, make sure you try it once so that you know how it looks on you.

Complete Bridal Set

Instead of selecting one bridal piece of jewelry at a time, the smartest move is to select the entire bridal set. This not only cuts down plenty of effort but you don’t have to waste a lot of time mixing and matching everything with your bridal dress. Additionally, a beautifully-designed bridal set complements you and completes your look. 

Instead of purchasing the bridal set, it is better that you rent it. Because no one will wear such heavy jewelry again so what’s the use of purchasing it and then dumping it in your closet forever? Choose the best bridal sets from ‘All Eyes on U’ store in Mohali as you get a diverse range of options. 

Choker neckpieces are also in trend so you can choose something that is not only in trend but also makes you look amazingly beautiful. In the bridal set, you can expect, neckpiece, earrings, maang tika, kamarbandh, passa, and bracelets with finger rings. All of this is sure to give you an extra touch of zing to your attire.


The best way to accentuate a narrow waist during your wedding is to wear a kamarbandh. Don’t worry at all, you will be able to effortlessly carry off a waistband. In addition, it helps in keeping your second dupatta at its place. A must-have for traditional weddings, do not miss out on adding this accessory to your wedding attire

Sometimes, your ‘Rani Haar’ can be converted into a waistband. Everything depends on what your makeup artists suggest at that point in time. Well, most feel the best way to slay kamarbandh is above your navel while the position may change as per what suits you the best. However, if you wear this accessory, do opt for a classy design that reflects your individual style.

Maang Tika

The jewel on your head is a beautiful maang tika. This is a prominent piece of jewelry that will make your face look slimmer yet glamorous. Maang tikas are an important addition to bridal attire. Look for the one that suits your forehead and opt for heavy designs if you have a broad forehead. Alternatively, a narrow forehead needs a slender design. Don’t worry if you are unsure, it will look awesome once you are ready.

Bridal Choora

Bridal choora is the simplest bridal accessory that a bride adorns. All Eyes on U have the best quality chooda that doesn’t give rashes. They are designed to be comfortable and skin-friendly.


Women and pearls – a combination that ensures class, sophistication and a finer taste in life! Sure, these ones can be on the more expensive side, but hey, if pearls are what you want then pearls are what you should get! These are far more elaborate than their counterparts and are considered to be extremely opulent, especially when mixed with metals like gold or silver. So, select the gorgeous piece that is adorned with jhumkas or pearls.

We hope now you have a fair idea about how to choose the best bridal jewelry on rent.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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