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Esophageal Spasms; Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Individuals exhibiting signs such as chest pain, feeling of food stuck, and difficulty swallowing the food should consult a gastroenterologist in Lahore. The competent and reliable specialist will conduct tests to diagnose the illness, its cause, and its severity. Timely diagnosis allows the patient to opt for a suitable treatment plan for a smooth recovery without further complications.

Esophageal Spasm and Its Symptoms

The individual experiences esophageal spasm within the muscular tube, which connects the stomach and mouth, causing extreme pain. The symptoms of esophageal spasms are:

  • The individual experiences pain in the chest after consuming food.
  • After consuming food, the individual constantly feels that something is stuck in the throat or the chest.
  • The person struggles to swallow food and water.
  • The individual suffering from esophageal spasms suffers from heartburn and regurgitation. Stomach acid affects oral health.
  • The person suffers from dry cough and related complications.

Known Causes of Esophageal Spasms

The known causes of esophageal spasms include:

  • The abnormal functioning of nerves responsible for controlling muscles causes the individual to suffer from esophageal spasms.
  • The individual suffering from GERD suffers from esophageal spasms and related complications.
  • Mental health can affect the functioning of vital organs. An individual suffering from anxiety and depression is at a higher risk of suffering from gastroenterological diseases, including esophageal spasms.
  • The individuals undergoing cancer treatment are at a higher risk of esophageal spasms.

Complications Associated with Esophageal Spasms

  • The complications include:
  • The individual struggle to swallow food which can cause a loss of appetite. The change in appetite increases the risk of malnourishment. It affects the functioning of vital organs and weakens the immune system.
  • Without timely treatment, the individual rapidly loses body weight. It can affect skin health and overall appearance.

Preventative Measures

The preventative measures to reduce the probability of suffering from esophageal spasms and related complications include:

  • People should maintain a healthy lifestyle by making good food choices and exercising daily.
  • The individual should balance personal and professional life to reduce stress. Managing stress and anxiety helps lessen the risk of suffering from physical health problems that can lead to esophageal spasms.
  • Individuals should eat small portions five times daily to maintain body weight and gastroenterological functioning.


The tests that help diagnose an individual suffering from esophageal spasms are:

  • Endoscopy: It is a test that uses a flexible tube. The tube is inserted through the mouth to evaluate the abnormality inside the esophagus. The test helps diagnose the cause of the illness.
  • Esophageal Manometry: It is a test that helps measure the muscle contraction of the esophagus while consuming water.
  • Esophageal pH Monitoring: The test helps confirm if the stomach acid is flowing back to the esophagus and causing heartburn. The test helps detect the exact cause of the symptoms.

Effective Treatment Options

The medications and procedures that help treat esophageal spasms are:

  • Use of Proton pump inhibitors: The medications treat GERD that may be the cause of esophageal spasms.
  • Use of Muscle Relaxants: The medications help the individual swallow food without pain.
  • Use of Calcium Chanel Blocker: The medication helps reduce the severity of the spasms.
  • Use of Antidepressants: Individuals with anxiety and stress that correlates with esophageal spasms take antidepressants. The medication helps with mental and physical symptoms.
  • Myotomy: It is a surgical procedure that makes an incision on the lower muscle of the esophagus. It helps reduce the severity of the spasms.

Individuals diagnosed with esophageal spasms should discuss their condition with a gastroenterologist in Islamabad. The specialist will provide guidance regarding the most effective and latest treatment plan to enhance the quality of life.

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