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Engineered Wood Flooring Offers a Variety of Benefits

Engineered Timber floors are a tried-and-true option. They can add warmth to a room and create a relaxing, cozy atmosphere, transforming a house into a home. And engineered timber flooring installation couldn’t be simpler – you can even do it yourself! Let’s dive in then to learn a little bit about engineered flooring.

What Exactly Is Engineered Flooring?

An engineered floorboard is typically constructed with a thin, real hardwood veneer on the surface that is laminated to two or more layers of other materials. Layers commonly include:

  • Coatings
  • Real hardwood layer
  • An insulating core can be made from plantation-grown timbers, ply, or even SPC
  • Backing layer

Engineered timber flooring creates a sturdier, more durable timber for your home that is more resistant to shrinking and expansion. Engineered timber flooring appears to be genuine wood flooring Adelaide, but it has a few distinct advantages that you should be aware of when deciding which flooring type is best for you.

Advantages of Engineered timber flooring

Moisture Resistance

Engineered timber flooring is naturally resistant to moisture and does not expand as much as other flooring options, making it an excellent choice for high-moisture areas such as kitchens. Because of its resistance to expanding in the presence of moisture, it will not warp or cup over time.


It stands to reason that engineered wood is less expensive than solid hardwood. After all, only the top layer is made of slow-growing hardwood, while the rest is made of faster-growing or synthetic alternatives. Engineered wood is also less expensive to lay when using professional contractors, and it becomes even less expensive if you tackle the floor as a DIY project! Having said that, even direct slick will be less expensive than laying solid timber flooring because you won’t need sand to finish it.

If your space has a concrete subfloor, the flooring will be less expensive and easier to install. Tolerances for floor preparation are still applicable in Australia.

Environmentally friendly

By using engineered timber flooring, you can save money and reduce waste by reducing sawdust and unusable pieces that result from solid hardwood flooring. By slicing several hardwoods together, the trees can be farmed for timber at a much slower rate.

Heating beneath the floor

Engineered hardwood is far more suitable for use with underfloor heating than solid wood flooring. The multiple layers reduce the risk of warping caused by heat rise and fall, causing the floor’s moisture level to rise and fall. You can achieve the warmth of underfloor heating as well as the aesthetic feel of timber. However, the product will not conduct heat as well as hardwood. When considering Underfloor Heating, always consult the supplier’s 

Conclusion: As previously stated, engineered timber floors are generally low maintenance and easy to care for, so we attempted to explain the various benefits of engineered timber flooring in this article. If you are looking for a reputable service provider from which to purchase flooring, we recommend First Choice Flooring.

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