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Easily Enhance The Value And Usable Space By Implementing Preventative Maintenance For Your Home

Renting is far less of a commitment than home ownership. If something breaks, the owner is responsible for fixing it. It indicates that it is the homeowners’ responsibility to keep the home clean and properly maintained. Being a homeowner, you know how crucial it is to keep your property well maintained, as well as thousands of ways to accomplish it. However, why is preventative maintenance of your home so critical? Relying on delayed maintenance exposes your home to additional expenditures and loss of productivity.

The primary objective of K Remodeling as a general contractor in Santa Ana is to assist homeowners whose systems and appliances break down due to aging and normal wear and tear. However, we specify in our contract that failure due to lack of maintenance is not regarded as normal wear and tear. Although it’s a great reason to maintain your home, you shouldn’t do it solely for the rewards of a home warranty. Numerous other factors contribute to the compulsion of home maintenance.

Preventive Home Maintenance saves you Money

The first benefit of home maintenance is the financial savings it provides the homeowner. While it is true that maintenance requires some investment, commitment, and effort, the money you ultimately save compared to not performing maintenance much outweighs these costs. Why is it so? Every dollar you invest in preventative maintenance around the house saves you a substantial amount in the long run.

It’s because fixing minor issues resolved then and there may prevent the problem from getting worse over time and becoming a bigger issue, such as a collapsed HVAC motor, burst water pipe, clogged drain or filthy filter. The larger hazards or damages that frequently arise from neglecting home maintenance cost significantly more than purchasing a new home asset approximately once every month.

Maintaining Your Home Will Keep all Running Smoothly

The fact that maintenance is viewed only for the sake of maintenance is its worst aspect. To maintain the functional components of your home, you must complete a task repeatedly and consistently. It is similar to mopping the kitchen floor throughout. To make it spotless, you must continue to do so about once a week. Imagine the condition of the floor if you neglect it for a month! Consider how frequently you clean the filter in your dishwasher or clear a clogged bathroom drain. Most likely it is not as frequently as you sweep the floor. However, you use these facilities regularly.

Your home must clean and maintain other areas of your home to keep them usable, just as you must continue to clean your floor to keep it smooth and hygienic. If you don’t, your home utilities will end up being less effective. If you avoid cleaning the furnace filter, your HVAC system will work longer to cool or heat the air in your home, costing you more gas or electricity. If the evaporative coils inside your refrigerator aren’t cleaned, they will work harder and consume more energy to keep your food cool. Your home will function more efficiently if you maintain it periodically, which will also result in decreased utility costs, saving you money.

Preventive Maintenance Raises the Value of Your Home

A new car loses value the moment you drive it off the lot. The car’s resale value declines as it ages and when it is driven for a longer period. For a home, this idea doesn’t apply in the same way. In essence, the longer you keep a home, the more you may be able to raise its value. Although the market price of your property affects home values, you can still directly participate in your home’s worth by keeping it in good shape.

How does your home maintenance play a role? The home inspection report would most likely reveal that your home had numerous or prospective issues if you have decided to list your property on the market tomorrow and you also haven’t upgraded any of your utility systems and appliances. Depending on the issues your property might have, buyers might either demand a discounted price from you or urge you to replace or fix any systems that might cause them problems in the future. In any case, you won’t be able to sell your house for as much profit as it should be capable of.

The home inspector will find fewer problems during the inspection if you have fixed your systems and appliances according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and you would probably wind up earning more money for your property deal. For additional information about home renovation projects that have the biggest impact on the value of your Santa Ana property, you may get in touch with one of the best general contractors in the area, viz. K Remodeling. Of course, the more home maintenance and repair tasks you undertake on your investment for the value addition of your home, the more equity you may gain.

Home Maintenance and Warranties

Home insurance warranties typically do not cover breakdowns brought on by poor upkeep. If it turns out that you have neglected to clean out your gutters, which resulted in the overflow, it would be challenging to locate a home insurance provider that would provide coverage for water damage in your attic, loft, or roof. The same logic applies to home warranties: if you have again failed to change the filters on your HVAC system for a considerable time, and unfortunately, a breakdown happens from overuse, a home warranty typically would not cover the repairs or replacement.

You must perform timely and routine maintenance for your systems and appliances to last longer and continue performing smoothly. Most home warranty providers will only fix or replace appliances and systems if the homeowner has kept them in working condition.

The unique element concerning a home warranty is that if you try your best to keep your systems and appliances clean and well maintained, you may probably save thousands of dollars when they get old and wear out naturally. A home warranty service provider will fix or replace your outdated systems for a reasonably fixed service call charge.


So how frequently should you carry out these home preventive measures? Preventive maintenance will help you avoid a great deal of time, money, and hassle. When any of your home utility systems fail, you won’t need to constantly dial that emergency maintenance number. Visit our homepage at https://www.kremodeling.com/ for more details on preventative maintenance of your home with home warranty details and how you may benefit from them.

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