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Dream Home Makeover: Everything You Need to Know

“If only I had known it before.”

Most people say this after they are done with home renovation, and it looks nothing like their dream home. You don’t want to join the group, do you?

Well, if you have decided to do a home makeover or renovation, which is popularly called, there are certain things you must know. This guide is all about your home and what’s the best way to go for a dream home makeover. Fix the seat belts.

Why Do You Need a Makeover?

So, you want to go for a dream home makeover, right? But why? Why do you need to change your house? The answers can be numerous.

  • You are bored of the existing look.
  • Your home has become shabby.
  • It is not meeting your family’s needs, etc.

Which is your reason? It can be anything. Now is the time to come to the next point.

What Stays, What Goes

Yes, what parts of your old home design will stay, and what will go? List down what will go. Some examples are shared below:

  • The old ottomans are ready to send to the scrap yard.
  • The carpets have turned into threads.
  • The walls have cracks in places, etc.

Make a list of all the new things you need; for example, it is time for a new couch, the kids need a new study table, you need to go carpet shopping, etc.

There is one very important thing to note. Home renovation and home remodeling are different. Home renovation means DIY things that you can do to change your place. Remodeling means you need to make major changes, which might require a home remodeling contractor in California to help you.

So, if you think your kitchen flooring needs to change, hiring a kitchen remodeling contractor is suggested.

Your Budget

Never make the mistake of starting a project without a budget. Else, you will end up with all your savings spent on things such as the new Persian rug in the living area or the new glass cabinet in the kitchen.

Think practically. For example, you have a $5000 budget. So, mark your priorities once you have the list of potential changes. It should be easy. What are the things without which you cannot live in your home? Think it this way, and you are good to go.

Have A Look at the Exterior

Interiors take up almost all of your time, ideas, and resources in a home renovation, but don’t forget that exteriors are also important. So, step out, and look at your place. Is there anything that needs to change?

It might be possible that the plaster on a wall is chipping off, the cobblestones on the driveway are not even, or the doorbell is not working. But people make the first impression of your home from its exteriors. So, do incorporate them in your makeover plans.

Change the Color Scheme

Colors should not be underestimated when it comes to home renovation. Go for a change. It is no doubt that warm colors are more inviting and mood boosters. White, dusty blue, lilac, grey, and navy blue are some of the colors which are commonly used by most interior designers today. But do you have any better ideas?

Have you thought about an accent wall? Paint the entire room white and create a dark-colored accent wall, such as dark green, deep mauve, bold maroon, silky sapphire, etc. and decorate as you like it.

You can also go for color combinations, such as painting the walls boldly and complimenting them with other suitable colored furniture and fixtures. For example, what about a light blue textured wall with an emerald couch, a white living room with different color pop couch pillows, or how dark interiors, such as black, accompanied by red furnishings for a gothic look?

It all depends on you and the mood you wish to create for your place.


Most of the time, it’s not the place that nags you to renovate. It’s the ambiance that is often caused by poor lighting. So, before you chart a huge renovation plan, look around your house and determine whether you need more lighting.

Layered lighting is used popularly today and is a successful solution to lighten up any given space. However, if you find it difficult, you can contact an interior designer to help you out.

Go For Minimalism

Minimalism is to keep things low and make the best out of them. There is no point in having a couch, an old hardwood table, a coffee table, two bean bags, three ottomans, and all of these cluttered in one single space. Yes, the magazine from where you got this idea might look good, but you need to decide, keeping your space in mind. Sometimes, minimalism can save both clutter and money. Invest in the essentially required assets. And if you can vamp up the existing furniture, it is even better.

For example, if you have that wooden rocking chair of your Grandma’s or the great grandfather clock, varnish the hardwood and let it spice up the space.

Check If Your Home Renovation Needs Permit

While most home renovations don’t require a permit, you need to learn the laws of the land, as they differ for every state.

If there are certain things that you need to change, such as the plumbing system, drainage system, sewer, roof, etc., check if you need a permit. In case you renovate and later, it comes to light that the renovation needs a permit, you will be required to pay the penalties, obtain a permit after paying the stipulated fees, and also undo the renovation only to do it again after obtaining the permit. So, be cautious.

Final Words

A dream home makeover is not as easy as it sounds. You must clearly understand why you need such a makeover and what changes would help you convert your house into a dream home. This guide has tried to cover as many aspects as possible. These are some essential things you should know before the complete home makeover.

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