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Domaine de Courson Gardens, France

Domaine de Courson is an immensely romantic garden in the splendid town of Courson, France. Situated 35 kilometers south of Paris, the Domaine de Courson opens its gates into a green, natural environment that pleases the eyes and refreshes the soul. Domaine de Courson is a remarkable landscape, serving as a true ode to nature.

Domaine de Courson has served as a venue for associate dinners, conventions, and corporate dinners. Its 40-hectare gardens benefit the infrastructure. For the past 30 years, Domaine de Courson’s vast fields have helped the state host various international events, including Journeys des Plates (the Flower Exhibition), which helped generate higher revenue.

History of Domaine de Courson

The major design and construction phase of the Domaine de Courson was started in the 17th century by the most incredible landscape designers, including Louis-Martin, Marie-Rose, and Josephine. Major transformations and upgrades were made in the 19th century, whereas several renowned designers like Louis Benech and Ernest de Caraman from Wisely, UK, left their mark in the 20th century.

The innovative ideas of the French designers have made Domaine de Courson one of the most phenomenal historical gardens of all time. The consistency and dedication of great landscape architects like Berhault and the Buhler Brothers made this extreme project tremendously successful.

Four Seasons of Domaine de Courson

The 40 hectares of Domaine de Courson are covered with newly planted 3000+ plants and surrounding shrubs, which give a vintage look when seen along with hundred-year-old trees. They are crisscrossed by long paths, all winding around a pond in the centre, giving rebirth to the natural vegetation. The asymmetrical arrangement of trees of different kinds and ages offers visitors a magnificent, picturesque view in all seasons of the year.

The lushness of green trees and the scent of roses, with the blowing morning breeze reflecting different colours of nature in the pound, is the most beautiful experience that can only be felt in the fields of Domaine de Courson. The blooming camellias, peonies, magnolias, azaleas, and lilacs will amaze you in the spring. Lying below the hydrangeas and rosebushes in summer reliefs against the dazzling sun Flamboyant beech-coloured sheared leaves of the oak and ample tree strengthen the connection and build a traditional love for nature. Covered plants in dusted grounds and sprinkling snow are felt inside cosy clothes in the winter season.

Historical Monument

Domaine de Courson is classified as a historical monument as it perpetuates French traditions. A perfection of nature and modern landscaping combined with a historical essence, the Domaine de Courson has become a centre of attention among the French. For truly representing French traditions and speaking out about the culture, the French government awarded the label “Jardin Remarkable” (Remarkable Garden) in 2004.

Accessibility of Domaine de Courson

Domaine De Courson is now open to the local public and has become a popular venue for corporate cultural and private events. You can hire a tour guide, pet, and babysitter inside the Domaine De Courson. With a picnic area, car parking, meeting rooms, and private guest rooms, the Garden is open from 2 pm-5 pm on working days.

While Visiting Domaine De Courson, remember not to miss the giant sequoia tree, labelled as the ” Arbre Remaquable De France” (Remarkable Tree of France). If you enjoyed and loved your visit to the Domaine De Courson, be sure to revisit it. Because after each new year, new species of plants and flowers are added to the gardens.

Final Words

Constructed in the 17th century, Domaine de Courson was then extended and restored by successive owners in the later centuries. Domaine de Courson holds the title “Remarkable Garden.” The Garden has several different species of plants, all covering 40 hectares. Crisscrossed paths and lush green fields surrounding the larger plants are an iconic landscape that revives the heart.

Domaine de Courson is open to all, and because of its larger area, it is best suited for larger cooperative events like weddings, dinners, exhibitions, and get-togethers.

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