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Does Having an Office Space Matter?

Technology makes it possible for nearly all employees to telecommute. Remote work has become the norm for many workers in recent years. However, some companies still want face-to-face, not screen-to-screen, interactions. Does having an office space matter anymore? As it turns out, yes.

An office is where all employees and clients gather to conduct business. It’s been the standard model for decades. Even companies that can’t afford the rent at a downtown highrise can gather at coworking spaces, such as Brick House Blue. Here’s why business owners don’t want to go fully remote just yet.

Distinguish Work from Home

Offices offer workers benefits they can’t get working from home. The main one is an improved work-home balance. Remote workers often struggle to transition from their home office to the living room. They may try to work off the clock. On the other hand, some end up working less professionally because of home comforts.

While employees might complain about their daily commute, they tend to be highly productive at the office. Further, after clocking out, workers no longer have to worry about dealing with clients until they return. A dedicated office space creates a much-needed distinction between work and home.

Encourage Collaboration

Employers hire workers who bring something unique to the table. Providing a space where those employees can meet and brainstorm is pivotal. Sure, video conferencing and phone meetings are always an option. However, these tools are more impersonal and don’t encourage as much active participation.

Conference rooms exist for a reason. These spaces give workers a place to present new ideas, solve problems, and plan for the future. Without a proper office, many employees won’t have the necessary tools to run a meeting effectively. It’s no wonder many bosses find that the best collaborations happen in person.

Office Design Matters

Employees can’t be productive without a properly designed office space. No, that doesn’t mean employers must invest in the fanciest, most expensive furnishings. However, the space should be aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic, and roomy enough to seat every worker and guest.

Think about all the people who visit the space each day. Employees need to feel comfortable during their long shifts. Clients also judge businesses based on when they first walk through the doors. Even prospective talent will search for photos of the space before applying. A great design should reflect the company’s culture and values. Since not everyone can work in a cluttered environment, it will be difficult for employees to perform at their best in an office where productivity is critical. To make things easier, you should hire professionals specializing in office design services. Informing them of your plans will assist them in developing the best layout for your workspace.

Other Things to Consider

Returning to the office feels right, but which space is the best choice? Not all office spaces are equal. There are many things to consider before moving the entire staff. Answering these questions will ensure the new space is ideal for everyone involved.

How is the commute? Convincing a remote worker to return to an office that’s hours away isn’t plausible. The ideal one-way commute is 16 minutes. Look for an office building or coworking space that offers a reasonable commute for all employees.

Is the office within budget? All businesses have an established budget. There might not be enough wiggle room for a permanent location. Instead, opting for a small coworking space may be the best option. These spaces offer plenty of amenities to keep both employees and clients productive and happy.

Transitioning Back to the Office

The work-from-home trend has started to lose steam. Both employers and employees now see the benefits of having a separate, in-person office. Whether a company wants workers back in the office full-time or meet at a coworking space a few days a week, they are sure to see a boost in productivity when working in a dedicated office space.

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