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Choosing The Right Maternity Bralette: Tips For Expectant Mothers

As you get ready to embark on the road to motherhood, you might be looking for different products that will make this journey a tad easier and more comfortable for you and the newborn. However, the first and most important thing you must invest in is a maternity bralette. This is specially designed to make breastfeeding easier for new mothers while also offering ample support to their upper body. 

Though you might have heard of maternity bralettes, this might be the first time you are shopping for these. Finding the right one is of prime importance. In this blog post, you will find a few tips for choosing the right maternity bralette. 

Maternity Bralette: A Deeper Insights

Before digging into the key considerations, it’s essential to understand the standard difference between a regular and a maternity bralette. A regular bra is ill-equipped to offer the support that is required for the breasts during the breastfeeding period. Also, the mother needs to unhook it to feed the baby. Both of these are not convenient options and can lead to serious repercussions. 

A maternity bralette is specifically designed to meet the needs of the mother of a newborn. It has broader straps and extra hook and eye closure that offer enough support to the breasts. It also has special nursing flaps that can be quickly opened to feed the baby. 

Expert Tips for Finding the Perfect Maternity Bralettes 

As the mother of a newborn, you are expected to feed your baby many times a day. You need a maternity bralette that will make this easy for you whether you are at home or not. Hence, you should find one before your baby arrives. Read on to learn how to find the right maternity bra. 

  • Consider the Open/Close Mechanism

The maternity bralette has a nursing flap. First, you need to consider how this flap opens and closes. Remember that you may open the flap with one hand while the other might hold the baby. So, look for a mechanism you can easily operate single-handedly. You will find options like zips, buttons, snaps and hooks. Choose the style that seems the most convenient. 

  • Look for the Best Fit 

Your maternity bralette should neither be too tight nor too loose. A very tight bralette can cause issues like mastitis and plugged ducts. These are painful medical conditions that require expert intervention. A loose bra, on the other hand, would compromise the support and lead to the weakening of the chest muscles. 

You should look for a bralette whose cups fit perfectly without bumps or wrinkles on the fabric. The centre part of the bra should sit flat. The shoulder straps should be comfortable and not dig into your skin or fall off. Make sure to buy a bra that fits perfectly with the lowest setting of the hook. This would ensure that the bralette will fit in case of further engorgement. 

  • Consider the Fabric

Opt for natural fabrics like cotton when choosing a maternity bralette. This is a breathable fabric that absorbs sweat and leaked milk and will keep your breasts dry. Bralettes made of synthetic fabrics are not recommended as they do not allow moisture to escape and can cause skin irritation and infection. 

  • Say No to Underwire 

If you think that underwire is the best solution to offer support to your breasts, think again. As a new mother, your breasts are sensitive and call for delicate care. Underwire can exert pressure on your milk ducts, causing them to get clogged. This is a serious medical issue that you can do without. Instead, opt for softer underbands and cups. 

Finding the Right-Sized Maternity Bra

Your maternity bralette will not be the same size as your regular bra, as this is designed to accommodate your changing body. So, when choosing a maternity bra, increase your cup and underbust measure by one size. So, if you have been wearing 32C as your regular bra, C is the cup size, and 32 is the underbust. Your maternity bralette will be a 34D. Since your bra size can vary with time, getting yourself measured by a professional bra fitter is recommended. 


A maternity bralette is a boon to the mother of a newborn. It not only offers enough support to the breast, but it also makes it convenient for mothers when they have a bawling baby in their arms. Moreover, this makes breastfeeding in public easier as the flap gives the much-needed privacy. The broad bands and extra hooks accommodate the growing breasts, keeping you comfortable. 

So, if you plan to buy maternity bralette online, make sure to consider all the tips that have been discussed in this blog post. 

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