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Do You Think Software to Spy On Workers Is a Good Idea for Your Company?

Today’s managers and business owners face a universal challenge: how to prevent employees from engaging in inappropriate Internet use during work hours. If you share similar worries, you may have looked into purchasing one of the many Internet monitoring software programs for employees that are now on the market from a variety of software developers. Much of this software is made to monitor the Internet activities of your staff, including which sites they visit, how long they spend on each site, and so on. There’s no denying that these products deliver as promised, but the real question is whether or not employee monitor system is a good fit for your company.

How to Pinpoint the True Issue: Insufficient Work from Employees?

Imagine if your workers could use the Internet for personal reasons during working hours without sacrificing efficiency. If each employee could finish his or her work entirely, precisely, and on time, you probably wouldn’t mind if they periodically checked their social media accounts or did some personal banking. You’re probably thinking about installing employee Internet monitoring software since you’re worried that your workers aren’t productive enough because of their excessive Internet use.

Staff Morale and “Spyware”

Employee surveillance software is commonly referred to as “spyware,” and with good cause. After all, you can use this kind of software to essentially spy on your staff. Workers will figure out that they are being monitored by spyware even if they don’t come clean about it. Once they realize it, it will have a catastrophic effect on their morale. They will likely conclude that you don’t have faith in them to execute their duties, which will further demotivate them. If employees aren’t inspired, they won’t be productive even less.

In Search of the True Answer: Inspire Your Staff to Step Up Their Game

Let’s pretend you’ve installed Internet monitoring software on everyone’s work computers and have a complete list of the sites and the frequency with which each employee visits them. What are your plans for the future now that you have this knowledge? The question is how this will increase the efficiency of your staff. Unless you can inspire your staff to perform better, you won’t be able to solve the issue at hand. It won’t help to spy on them. Actually, doing so will simply exacerbate the problem. If you want to increase productivity in the workplace, all you need is one word: MOTIVATION.

John Oliver
John Oliver
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